How To Make A Cute Birthday Instagram Story?

Instagram works to bring people closer to hearts who live far away by distance. Do you like to wish your loved ones uniquely and lovingly? Then you need to know how to make a cute birthday Instagram story. Do not leave in the middle because you are about to get all the information about making cute Instagram stories. Be the first to wish your friends and family through Instagram differently and adorably. Learn to share your celebratory moments using Instagram in this article. Let’s get started with the fun. 

How To Make A Cute Birthday Instagram Story?

Remind your friends on their birthdays that they mean you a lot by wishing them cutely and sweetly using Instagram. Follow these steps to learn How to make a cute birthday Instagram story. 

Step 1- Add photos

You can add a photo or collage of pictures of your friend to your Instagram story. Make sure you choose the images in which you guys are having fun or remind them of the cute moments they spent in the past. 

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Step 2- Add Stickers

After you have made an excellent template for your friend’s birthday on Instagram, you can add stickers to it. Stickers will make your birthday story look more fun, festive and lively. 

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Step 3- Colors and Fonts

After you have added photos and stickers, now is the time to add cute, funny, and best wishes for your friend’s birthday. Write them that they mean a lot to you and that you are happy to have them in your life. There are different fonts available on Instagram that you can choose for your story. 

How to Make a Cute Birthday Instagram Story?

Another Method To Make A Cute Birthday Instagram Story

You know your friends better, and you know what can make them happy. Here is another technique described as a step-by-step process to make a cute Instagram birthday story.

Step 1- Make a video collage.

You will have fun moments with your friends captured on your phone, and it is the best time to use these moments. Make a video collage of all the fun and beautiful videos of your friends together and edit them in a single video.

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Step 2- Add Stickers

You need to decorate it a little more to make it more cute and fun. Add the birthday stickers, GIFs, friendship stickers, and other cool stickers to make the video fun. 

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Step 3- Write a note.

Write a heartwarming note for your friends and tell them about all the specific little cute moments that you had with them and can never forget. Remind them about the special times. Tell them that you cherish this friendship and do not want this to end. This heartfelt note will melt their hearts and fill their eyes with tears of joy. 

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Step 4- Add Filters

Now, you can check filters on Instagram and choose the best one that suits your story. Make sure that these filters do not spoil your authentic images or videos. Choose the filters that make your video more enhancing and enjoyable. 

How to Make a Cute Birthday Instagram Story?

Step 5- Add Fonts

There are different fonts available on Instagram. You can choose the font that goes well with your birth story. Make sure you write the note in a neat and clear font that is easy and quick to read and does not spoil the essence of the video. 

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Step 6- Mention Your Friend

The most important thing, mention your friend in your story so they can get a notification of it. They can also share your story on their Instagram story and double the fun. If you post multiple birthday stories on Instagram, you need to mention your friend in each of them.

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When should I post the cute birthday story on Instagram to wish my friend?

You can post the birthday story on Instagram by mentioning the name of your friends on their birthdays. People usually wish each other at fix midnight in the midnight. You can post the birthday stories at midnight or in the morning. 

Can I repeat the birthday story every year?

It depends on you. If you want to make your friends and family members more special on their big day, you can post a new story every year. If the previous year’s birthday story was cuter, you could post it again. 

Can I post pictures on Instagram to wish my friends a happy birthday?

Yes, you can post the pictures of your friends on your Instagram account. Choose the best photos and mention your friends in the caption below so that they can also see, like, and comment on those pictures. 

Summing Up

Birthdays are one of the most memorable and important events in someone’s life. If your friends are going to have their birthdays soon and you are worried about How to make a cute birthday Instagram story? Then this article will help you get the best ideas for wishing your friends a particular, attractive, and sweet birthday message. You can learn to add videos and stories on your Instagram in a unique way to wish your friends.

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