How To Make A Heart With A Keyboard On iPhone?

The iPhone keyboard comprises a lot of new and interesting emojis that a user can use to express their emotions and feelings in a more detailed manner. iPhone adds new sets of emojis to the keyboards for a better experience. Some of the recently added symbols include pink hearts, light blue hearts, and grey-colored hearts. Other types include new introductions in the animal emojis and miscellaneous ones as well. You may be wondering how to make a heart with a keyboard on iPhone. Well, we got your back.

One of the most popular emojis is the heart shape emojis. Earlier, we could also make hearts from our keyboards by just typing the ‘<3’ symbol but the new software in phones doesn’t support it anymore. We must use the emojis installed on our keyboards to send out the heart emojis.

Stepwise Guide To Make A Heart With A Keyboard On iPhone.

Stepwise Guide To Make A Heart With A Keyboard On iPhone.
  1. Open the typing space in any of the applications where you want to type and send the heart emoji as well. 
the lower section of the keyboard. Tap on it.
  1. The keyboard will show an option with a smiley face appearing on it on the lower section of the keyboard. Tap on it.
You will be presented with several emojis to choose from.
  1. This will present several emojis to choose from. As you swipe across them, you will find the heart emojis under the ‘Symbols’ section.
Tap on the desired heart emoji you want to send.
  1. Tap on the desired heart emoji you want to send. It will appear on the space meant for typing.
Tap on the send message, and the emoji will be sent.
  1. Tap on the send message.


What does the heart emoji stand for?

The heart emoji stands for the love and affection you want to express for someone you’re sending it to. It can mean different things. Different heart emojis can stand for different meanings. The typical red heart emoji is the most widely used one amongst users. They can be sent as an expression of your feeling or your appreciation towards a picture, post, or video.

What do different unique colored heart emojis stand for?

Some of the different colored hearts are used to express the following feelings:

1. The white heart could stand in for a parent’s love for their child or love that would endure over time. Close family members can get this, but you shouldn’t send it to someone you just met.

2. The black-tinted heart attempts to communicate a type of dark comedy. Additionally, this emoji is well-liked by fans of alternative music. This black emblem, which is often used in contrast to the red heart, might signify sickness or melancholy or simply match a gloomier aesthetic.

3. When messaging a loved one, people who have worried stomach butterflies frequently use the beating heart emojis.

How can I get new emojis on my iPhone?

You can get new emojis on your iPhone by following the below steps:

1. Go to the settings page on your phone.
2. Tap on the General option.
3. Tap on the Software Update option and install the latest version of iOS.

Why do emojis on iPhone look different from Android?

Emojis on an iPhone may seem considerably different on an Android due to licensing concerns that force many messaging services on various platforms to create their versions of the related emoji symbols. Many emojis that are included in the iPhone version may appear after a specific duration on Android.

Why do emojis on iPhone have a better appeal than the ones on Android?

Because Apple is so good at convincing its users to update to the newest version of its software, there is a difference between the appeal of emojis installed in iPhone and Android smartphones. The company that authorizes new emojis for Apple that is Unicode, has lately started producing new emojis at frequent intervals of time.

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