How To Make A Story On Instagram PC?

Posting your current activity by capturing a picture on the Instagram story is the most popular nowadays. You can check every celebrity you follow tells their followers about their daily routine by posting stories on their profiles. In this article, we will discuss how to make a story on Instagram PC.

Instagram is one of the most famous and highly paid-social media apps worldwide. Whenever you talk about social media apps, Instagram is the first one you may listen to from other people.

Posting stories through your smartphone is a straightforward and quick process. But you can do this on a PC when you don’t have access to your phone while in the office and desperately want to post something.

Now you don’t know how to post an Instagram story on PC because there are restrictions from Instagram on browsers. You are not allowed to make a story from all browsers except some.

Don’t worry! This article will explain the legit method to make stories on Instagram PC.

To learn more, stick to this article until the end.

What Is Instagram Story?

Instagram story is a kind of status that you put on your profile that shows on the top of your app timeline. In this, you can post anything, including videos, polls, pictures, gifs, etc.

When you post your story on Instagram, your followers who turn on the notification associated with your post get a tone from their account. Your followers can also react to your Instagram story wither by sending emojis or a comment. 

If your Instagram story is based on a poll, then anyone who follows you can participate in that poll. Instagram story automatically disappears after 24 hours which is the default time of this app.

If you want to remove the story earlier, you can do it manually or by using some third-party websites. 

How To Make Instagram Story On PC?

It is possible to make a story on Instagram PC through the Chrome browser. On the other hand, on MAC, you must use the Safari browser.

The process is not that simple too because you need to use some tricks by playing with inspect element features.

There is a possibility to get help from a third-party service provider to make a story on Instagram PC. The step-by-step guide below will explain the method to do this task using a web platform.

Steps To Make A Story On Instagram

It would be best if you follow each step below to complete this task successfully and quickly:

  1. Open Your PC Browser 
Open Your PC Browser

Now open any browser on your PC if you want to use the third-party platform for this purpose. After opening the browser, search for Instagram and open your account by entering login credentials.

  1. Click On Plus Button
How To Make A Story On Instagram PC

When you log into your Instagram account, click on the plus button at the web screen’s top right corner. There you will see only create new post option but no story option. Now go back to the browser home page and search for STORRITO. 

  1. Sign Up For STORRITO 
How To Make A Story On Instagram PC

You must sign up on STORRITO third-party app on your browser. After completing the process, login into your account. You will be asked to attach your Instagram account by entering your login credentials.

  1. Tap On the Gallery Option
Tap On the Gallery Option

On the left side of the app screen is a list of options in which you must click on the gallery. Open the gallery option and click on the upload button in the middle of the third-party app interface.

  1. Select Any Picture Or Video From Your PC
Select Any Picture Or Video From Your PC

After uploading the picture or video from your PC, click on the new empty story option. The new empty story option is given at the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Click On Post / Schedule
How To Make A Story On Instagram PC

Now you will have three different options in this feature. You can edit your picture here or use any video template. After doing these fancy things, click on the post/schedule option.

  1. Schedule The Story Posting
Schedule The Story Posting

Now you only have one step away from making an Instagram story from your PC. Choose the date you want to post your story, and then click on the schedule option. 

A pop-up notification with a green bar will appear on the top to show that your task is completed. When the time comes, your Instagram story will automatically post on your account from this platform.

You can check the story on your Instagram after this step to ensure you follow all the steps with great care.

FAQs On Making Instagram Story

How Do I Post Instagram Story Using Chrome Browser?

You must follow all the steps below to post your Instagram story from the chrome browser on your PC:
1. Search and open Instagram’s official website on your Chrome browser
2. Log in to your Instagram account
3. Right-click from your mouse and select the developer tools option, or press Ctrl + Shift + J
4. Click on the toggle device option with a shape of a mobile or tablet
5. Choose any mobile model that fits your browser screen
6. Now check Instagram a camera will show on the top left corner of the screen

How Can I Make An Instagram Story Using Safari On MAC?

You can post a story using safari on MAC, but you need to follow the steps below to execute this efficiently:
1. Open Safari browser on your MAC
2. Turn on the developer option from the preferences
3. Select the user agent and then safari iOS with any iPhone
4. Log in to your Instagram account 
5. Click on add button and post stories on your Instagram account

How Do I Edit My Instagram Story On PC?

You can edit any story on your Instagram on PC by following the steps:
1. Log in to your STORRITO account on the PC web browser
2. Attach your Instagram account to STORRITO
3. Click on the gallery and upload the desired picture or video
4. Click on a new empty story
5. Click on the edit button
6. Edit your post as per your requirements


Making different stories on Instagram is fun when your followers desperately want to connect with you without messaging you. You can see all the profiles who view your Instagram story.

Using the tricks given above in the guide about making a story on Instagram PC is the easiest and quickest way to do it. 

If the content above helped you to make a story on PC, then hit the like button. Also, share it with your loved ones. Please check our blog section to explore more amazing guides associated with tech.

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