How to Make Copying Update File Faster Ps4?

Ps4 requires you periodically download updates, and the copying process starts to update your games. The problem is that the copying process can be hectic, and in most cases, it takes too much time. Even though the game sizes are huge, the copying speed shouldn’t lag much. If you are experiencing such an issue, you are not alone. This guide discusses various tips you can try to make the copying file speed faster on your Ps4 update.

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How to Make Copying Update File Faster Ps4?

Using Ps4 is fun until you get to the part where you must download and copy updates for your games. Updates are almost proportional to the game size. Therefore, if your Ps4 games are huge, there is no way you expect to have a fast copying rate. Furthermore, the hard drive type you use also plays a key role in the speed. 

How to Make Copying Update File Faster Ps4?

Using HDD drives is lower compared to using SSD drives. So, how can you make copying update files faster in Ps4? The best option is to replace your HDD drive with an SSD. Alternatively, you can consider setting your Ps4 to automatically download updates, such that when you need to download manually, your system will have fewer updates to download and copy.

Steps To Set Up The Automatic Downloads.

  1. While you’ve turned on your Ps4, click on the settings option
  2. Tap system 
  3. Finally, click the Automatic Downloads option

That’s it! You’ve set your Ps4 to download updates automatically.

Another solution involves using the rest mode when copying updates. Rest mode will channel resources to the copying, hopefully making the process faster.

Steps To Download And Copy Updates In Rest Mode.

  1. On your Ps4, click on settings.
  2. Tap the power save option.
  3. Click the set features available in rest mode. 
  4. Click the stay connected to the internet checkbox.

Your Ps4 will now download and copy updates in rest mode.

With the few tips described above, you will have boosted the download and copy speed for your Ps4 updates. Try it out!


Why Does It Take So Long to Copy Ps4 Updates?

The sizes of your Ps4 games are the key determinant of how long it will take Ps4 updates to copy. In essence, Ps4 games are in large sizes, and the data size takes time to copy. So, the larger the game update you downloaded, the longer it will take to copy. Plus, if your hard disk is HDD, expect the process to be slower than when using SSD.

Does Rest Mode Copy Files Faster in Ps4?

Some argue that using rest mode copies files faster, but if you think of it, rest mode is all about minimal resource consumption. Therefore, it’s possible that the rest mode channels resources to copy updates, speeding up the process a bit. But still, reducing the resource utilization can slow the energy channeled to download updates making it slower. Try it out and see if that works in your favor.

Does Ps4 Consume Much Power While in Rest Mode?

While in rest mode, Ps4 tries to downgrade the resources it normally consumes, including electricity. So, yes, Ps4 consumes less power while in rest mode. It is estimated that while in rest mode, only 0.00047 kWh gets consumed every hour.

Should I Unplug My Ps4 While Downloading Updates?

No, you shouldn’t. That is risky as updates are meant to download to completion. Therefore, if you unplug your Ps4 in the middle of an update, you are likely to end up with corrupted files which can mess up your Ps4. Furthermore, your download will eventually stop, which can be your onset of troubles with your Ps4 due to the incomplete download a d update.

Is Rest Mode Safe?

Absolutely, yes! Rest mode was a feature added with PlayStation as a way of them conserving resources. Ideally, when rest mode is enabled, your Ps4 consumes less power and operates and minimal capacity. Besides, when downloading updates, it’s recommended to enable rest mode to ensure all downloads go to completion, as minimal resources are needed.


Any gamer understands how annoying it is to wait for the updates to download and copy. It gets worse when the process seems like it’s taking forever, yet you have no option but to be patient. We’ve discussed various tips to help increase the speed of your Ps4 copying of updates. Hopefully, they do some magic.

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