How To Make Instagram Story Longer?

No doubt, we live in an era of social media. Reels, stories, and short videos are the main way for most people to interact with their friends, family, and in the case of influencers, the audience. This short video can help you tell your tales, convey messages, and market a brand. However, whenever you make a video, it has a limit of 60 seconds.  This guide will teach you How To Make your Instagram Story Longer. Follow the easy steps on How To Make Instagram Story Longer.

Different Lengths of Instagram Videos

Many people have longer videos to post and keep trying for them. Some people also try it through an application to split the video and short stories in a specific order.

So, how to make your Instagram story longer? Before that, let’s get basic information on the length. 

  1. Instagram Story videos: An IG Story video might be as long as 15 seconds. Instagram Stories photos only display for 7 seconds.
  2. Instagram Reels: Instagram’s response to TikTok is reeling. Up to 60 seconds is the length needed for an Instagram reel. 
  3. Instagram Live videos: The length of a Livestream video captured using the Instagram app is up to 4 hours. After they’ve ended, you can upload them in their entirety to your Story or Feed.

Steps On How to Make Instagram Story Longer?

Instagram automatically divides the first minute of your video into 4 x 15-second story cards if you wish to share longer movies from your camera roll to Stories that go above the 15-second threshold.

You’re good as long as the video is under a minute. Additionally, even though your sequence is divided into distinct segments, it will still feel continuous because you started with a single video.

Steps to Post Longer Stories

Step 1: Launch the app and click the + icon below the screen. Once you launch the app from your phone, now locate the plus sign to go for the options to add a post, story, reel, etc. 

Launch the app and click on the icon

Step 2: Choose the type of content you want to post. Either you want to post, create a story or reel, etc. Just click your option and be done. But, in our case, we will click on the story.

Choose the type of content you want to post

Step 3: Now choose a longer video, and you will see the short video clips below, just like shown in a screenshot.

Click next to share it. 

Now choose a longer video

Step 4: Share the story now and click to post it on your story. 

Share the story now and click to post it on your story
Share the story now and click to post it on your story

Finally, you can see your clip is posted in short 4-5 story forms. 

Finally you can see your clip is posted in short 4-5 story forms

Is There Any Other Way to Make Your Instagram Story Longer?

Well, the splitting of the clips is necessary. Now, the issue is your Instagram may not allow splitting any video longer than 1-minute. In this case, you may need a third-party application. You can find many editing apps online. 

Download the reputable one. Edit the video and split it into short clips (each to the limit of the Instagram story). Then, you can post the videos on your story by the same posting method shown above. Instead of one, you can also select multiple videos at a time. 

Is it Better to Use Long Videos or Short Videos?

Both long and short stories can be effective.

The type of content you want to provide and your ability to grab and hold viewers’ attention will ultimately determine how effective you are.

As a general tip or a rule, the longer the story sequence, the more you’ll need to incentivize people to continue watching. So, most people recommend short videos.

FAQs on Instagram Stories

How can you make your Instagram stories longer?

You may extend your Instagram stories in a few different ways. Either add extra material or divide your story into several sections. You can also lengthen them on autoplay using programs like Stories Lengthener.

How do I make my Instagram story post longer?

Longer videos can now be posted directly on Instagram using the app. Simply choose the larger video, up to 60 seconds, and Instagram will automatically cut it into shorter segments, each lasting 15 seconds. You have just read a full article on it. You probably have a better idea of the steps than anyone else. In the end, just follow the steps, and you will be good to go. 

Why do Instagram Stories get cut off?

Strict size restrictions apply to your Instagram stories. Images and videos you upload to your Instagram story that doesn’t fit the required dimensions will occasionally be cropped, and Instagram may also zoom in. The quality will suffer as a result, and occasionally, important graphics may be cropped out.

Can a story be longer on Instagram?

This topic lacks a clear solution because it heavily depends on the length of the narrative and the Instagram account’s content strategy. However, some users have discovered that Stories, which give users more room to explore a narrative and provide more detail, are better suited to longer stories than ordinary posts. Additionally, several Instagrammers have discovered that Stories can increase engagement and viewing by providing followers with a fresh perspective on their work.

Can you post a longer than 1-minute video on Instagram in 2022?

Videos in feeds are only allowed to last for 60 minutes. Ensure that the video is at least three seconds long. If your video isn’t at least 3 seconds lengthy, Instagram won’t allow it to be posted.

Make and Post Longer Videos

Above are the steps mentioned that you can use simply through your Instagram app. However, if you want to post a longer video, something that is worth sharing with the audience, you must split it through another app and then post it. 

For more on these how-to articles, we are always here to help. If anything is troubling you and you can’t find the answer to it, look into our blogs, and you might find the right answer to your question with a full tutorial. 

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