How To Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story?

Instagram stories are the best ways to reach your potential audience, whether someone is following you or not. Posting videos or reels on your Instagrams stories boost your account engagement, and your stories get viral among new Instagram users. There are many other aspects to get viral, but Instagram stories and stickers help a new account reach its targeted audience. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story?

If you are new to Instagram and want to know “How To Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story?” Then follow each step mentioned below and fix your problem.

Steps to Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story on Mobile

Before taking these steps, make sure to uninstall and then reinstall the Instagram application or update your  Instagram application to the latest version to fix bugs. But still, if your Instagram stories did not play automatically, then follow the steps below:

  1. If you are a new user of Instagram, then you can log in to your account and go to the profile section.
  2. From the top right corner, hit the three lines to open a drop-down menu and go to settings.
  3.  From the opened drop-down menu, search for the story settings and open it.
From the opened drop-down menu search for the story settings and open it
  1. On the newly opened screen, you will get an option to enable or disable the autoplay of videos in stories.
How To Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story
  1. Click on the slider to enable the autoplay of the videos in stories.

Steps to Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story on PC

To get a better experience of Instagram on your PC, we recommend you install any android emulator and install the Instagram app using APK. But still, if you want to use Instagram in the Google website browser and want to autoplay the videos in stories, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, Make sure to update your google chrome.
  2. Then go to your browsing history by pressing (ctrl+H)
  3. Delete your browsing history along with cache memory.
  4. Once you have deleted your chrome cache memory, you will be needed to log in again to your account.

How to Make Videos Autoplay On Instagram Story on iPhone?

First, try to update your Instagram application from the AppStore If there is no option to update the Instagram application. Go to app info, delete all the information, and clear the cache memory now. Come back to the app store here, and you will get the option to update the app; Update it from here. If your application is up-to-date, then your account doesn’t became eligible for the feature you are looking for, as Instagram is still experimenting with a few features and allowing very few users to test the new feature.

FAQs On Instagram Stories

Why won’t any video play on the Instagram story?

When you play Instagram stories, those stories stay for just 24 hours, but when you see that story, it is saved in your Instagram app cache memory. Make sure to clear all the cache memory to fix the autoplay issue. Other than that, you can also check for the latest version of Instagram.

Why won’t my reel play on my story?

Reels are a great way to share small pinchy videos, but if you are facing issues in posting reels, or while playing reels clear your data from the Instagram application for your mobile settings. This will log you out of all of your accounts. After doing this simply, log in and enjoy.

How do I turn autoplay off on Instagram?

There is no proven method to disable the autoplay on Instagram. But if you want to save your Data, then you can limit the usage of Data (MBs) from Instagram settings. Go to your profile and click on the three lines from the top corner. Now go to settings and tap on accounts, and then cellular data. Disable the use of data from here. This will help you in saving mobile data. By doing so, the videos will still play but in lower resolution.

Can you auto-play reels on Instagram stories?

Instagram app has recently got an update, and in this update, every reel is automatically played in stories. If you have trouble auto-playing videos in stories. Then you most probably need to update your Instagram app. If there is no option to update the application. Then delete it from your device and reinstall it from the play store.

How do you make videos autoplay on your Instagram feed?

Instagram, all video formats are auto-played on the feed. Reels are played automatically while swiping from one another, and the video format also keeps on playing if you switch between videos or just swipe on the Instagram feed. Many users have reported that they need to click on the video to play it in their feeds but not in the profile section, So if you are one of them, open the play store and search for Instagram and delete it from there. Now once deleted, restart your device and reinstall the Instagram application. It will install the updated version of Instagram that does have this autoplay disable glitch.

Reasons why reels aren’t playing automatically?

In the latest update from Instagram, The reels and videos are played automatically. You don’t need to tap on it or click hit the play button.
But if you are facing an issue regarding autoplay, the following are the possible reasons. 
1. If your Instagram application is not installed from a trusted source, Delete it and reinstall it from the play store.
2. Restart your mobile phone and then use Instagram as the phone memory fills with random data that prevents new data from processing.
3. Switch accounts, Instagram has many features that are not available to every user. Your account location might not have introduced you to the feature you are looking for. You can change the location of the account or just simply create a new account and check if that new account also has the issue or not.

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