How to Mark Messages Unread on Instagram?

Are you wondering how to unread messages on Instagram? This guide will provide you with all the details that you may require.

When a recipient receives or reads a message you send them on Instagram, you will see a label of “seen.” This feature makes it possible to determine if the receiver has read the text or not. It can, however, occasionally lead to unease. You might have read the message in some circumstances yet still be unable to respond. They might feel bad if you don’t respond. It would be preferable in such cases if there was a means to label a read message as unread.

Fortunately, Instagram has a feature for marking messages as unread. For business and personal accounts, we employ different approaches. The direct technique is only available to users of business accounts and can be used with those accounts. However, you will need to take a rather indirect approach when dealing with personal accounts.

What does marking messages as unread mean?

Rendering messages unread, as the name suggests, involves reading them but not allowing the sender to realize that you have done so. When you wish to resume your chat, it is also helpful. Another name for it is to unsee the message.

How to Mark messages on Instagram as unread?

On Instagram, there aren’t many options for marking messages as unread. Going with third-party software can expand the number of options, which is not advised. Accessing third-party apps while using Instagram for private messaging is risky.

Marking Messages as Unread on Instagram Business Accounts

You can discover how to utilize the Instagram app to flag your messages as unread if you have a business Instagram account. Since this function is relatively new, it appears that users are still not aware of it.

If you have a business Instagram account, follow these steps to unread the messages:

  1. First, visit the Direct Message feature in your Instagram app.
How to Mark Messages Unread on Instagram
  1. Tap the “three-dots” Selecting Icon after launching the DM. It is present in the screen’s upper right corner.
  2. Choose the specific conversations you want to designate as unread.
It is present in the screens upper right corner
  1. After choosing one, click “More.” More options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
More options will appear at the bottom of the screen
  1. Finally, click “Mark as Unread.” It will result in the message being marked as unread.
Finally click Mark as Unread

Marking Messages Unread on a Private Instagram Account

Only business accounts can use the abovementioned method. Personal accounts cannot access these options. You have the option of opening a new business account or converting an existing one. As an alternative to the abovementioned solution, you can utilize the “Restrict” option.

You may have noticed that even after you read message requests, they are always flagged as unread. The restriction serves the same purpose. A Direct message becomes a message request as a result. Even though this approach is not very practical, It offers a method for private account users to mark messages as unseen.

Using a private Instagram account, take the following steps to mark messages as unread:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the user’s profile whose message you would like to mark as unread.
How to Mark Messages Unread on Instagram
  1. There are three vertical dots in the top right corner. Tap on these three dots.
Tap on these three dots
  1. Choose the restrict option. It would turn the DM’s message into a request.
How to Mark Messages Unread on Instagram
  1. If you want to tap restrict, you will be prompted for confirmation. Click on the Dismiss or Restrict Account options as per your choice.
How to Mark Messages Unread on Instagram

You are ready to go. All future messages received from that account will now be filed under message requests.

Marking Messages Unread by Utilizing the Airplane Mode

At first, don’t press or open any messages that appear in your notification column. Otherwise, this technique won’t work for you; alternatively, you can disable your Instagram alerts if you believe you may accidentally touch the notification bar.

Take the following actions:

  1. Log into your Instagram account. (Don’t first open the message.) Select the Direct message option.
  2. After that, quit the Instagram app and return to the home screen.
  3. Turn on airplane mode or disconnect your mobile data.
  4. Now go back to Instagram and read the message there.

 It is a temporary solution. The seen label will appear on the sender’s side of Instagram as soon as you activate mobile data and open the app.

FAQs on Unread messages

What Does Instagram’s Unread Option Do?

In some ways, Instagram’s unread option benefits users greatly by protecting them from unintentional blunders.
You can see a blue dot on the right side of the chat next to the unread option, which returns your message to its previous condition. The text will become unread but not unseen if you choose this unread option. As soon as you open the message, it will be marked as “seen” on the sender’s end. Therefore, the unread option only affects updates on your end.
Only users with business accounts on the Instagram app are eligible for this option.

Why am I unable to flag Instagram Messages as Unread?

Instagram allows users to tag messages as unread, unlike other social networking sites. If you unexpectedly receive a lot of messages and want to keep them for later, this option is helpful. To use this feature, you must move from a personal Instagram account to a professional one since it is only accessible for business accounts.

How Can I View Unread Instagram Messages?

You may access your direct messages from your Instagram feed to see whether there are any unread messages. The messages will then show up after tapping on the conversation.

Unread Messages on Instagram

You can mark the messages on your Instagram business account as unread by using the “mark as unread” option. The “mark as unread” function is still inaccessible for desktop users and owners of private Instagram accounts.

However, users of private accounts have alternative options. You can use Airplane mode, as detailed in this article, to read messages privately without alerting the sender, or you can follow the instructions above to mark messages as unread.

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