How To Mass Archive Instagram?

How To Mass Archive Instagram?

It isn’t easy to monitor and archive every Instagram post, so you don’t miss any important updates.

Even if you spent an hour a day monitoring your account, it would take three years to archive everything. That happens only when you have huge followers on your Instagram and hundreds of posts with thousands of posts in which you are tagged.

Don’t worry! You can mass archive your Instagram posts without using any third-party app. You just need to follow the simple guide in this article about “how to mass archive Instagram.”

So let’s dig inside the article to find the easiest way to hide an unimportant post on your Instagram for a short period.

You can also learn how to mass delete followers on Instagram easily.

What Is Mass Archive, And How To Mass Archive Instagram?

Archiving is a feature of Instagram that allows you to hide your videos and photos for a while. So you can bring them back on your Instagram whenever you want to show them to your followers.

All your archived posts moved into some specific location in your profile privacy settings. You also have the option to post them again anytime, whenever you want.

Sometimes you don’t know about archiving and mistakenly delete all your posts even if you don’t want to. But the step-by-step guide below will ensure you don’t lose any of your posts again in the future.

Steps To Mass Archive Instagram

Mass archiving on Instagram seems to be difficult, but it’s not. Because now, Instagram’s recent updates made this easy for its users to mass archive posts by simply following the steps given below:

  1. Open Your Profile Menu On Instagram App
Open Your Profile Menu On Instagram App

Open your Instagram app on your smartphone and locate the main profile logo at the bottom of the main timeline screen. Tap on your profile logo.

  1. Tap On Three Bar Lines And Select Your Activity
Tap On Three Bar Lines And Select Your Activity

On the main profile menu, you will see a three-line option in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on those lines, and a list of options will appear on the screen. You must select the “your activity” option by tapping on it.

  1. Open Photos And Videos
Open Photos And Videos

When you enter the activity section, many options will appear. Please locate the photos and videos option, which will probably be at the top of the list. Tap on the photos and videos option.

  1. Tap On Posts
Tap On Posts

Select the posts option mentioned first in the list in the photos and videos option. Or, if you want to archive videos, you need to select the videos option given at the third number.

  1. Select Mass Posts And Tap On Archive
Select Mass Posts And Tap On Archive

You will see all your posts and images that you post through your profile on your Instagram timeline. You need to select multiple posts or all posts to mass archive all. 

After selecting multiple posts, you will see the archive option at the bottom left screen above the options bar.

  1. Confirm By Tapping On the Archive
Confirm By Tapping On the Archive

Confirm the archiving mass posts on your Instagram by tapping on the “archive” button showing in a floating window on your mobile screen.

  1. Go To Your Activity And Select Archived
Go To Your Activity And Select Archived

Now go to your activity and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. There you will se an option named “archived.” Tap on it to see all your archived posts because they will automatically be moved to this section.

  1. All Archive Posts Are Saved Here
All Archive Posts Are Saved Here

Now, you can view all your archived posts after entering into the archived section. 

In this section, you can also un-archive your posts by selecting them. After tapping and holding on to any post, you will see an option to un-archive. You can select that option to un-archive all.


How Can You Mass Archive Instagram?

You can mass archive anything regarding posts and videos on your Instagram. It depends on the specific needs of individuals. So if you want to mass archive Instagram, then you need to follow the quickest steps below:

1. Open your Instagram app
2. Open the profile menu by tapping on the profile logo
3. Tap on three lines option to move into profile settings shown on the top right corner of the screen
4. Locate your activity section
5. Open photos and videos
6. Now tap on posts or whatever you want to archive
7. Select the multiple posts and tap on the archive option shown below
8. All selected mass posts will be archived and saved in the archived section

Can You Archive All Your Instagram?

Yes, you can archive all your Instagram. But to do this, you need to do it in different steps because the posts and videos cannot be archived simultaneously. 
Instagram locates four categories in the archive section, and you need to archive each separately. You can archive all your posts simultaneously; on the other hand, you can archive your videos simultaneously.

Is There Any Limit To Archive Posts On Instagram?

Instagram has no limit when it comes to archiving multiple posts. You can archive as many posts as you want. Instagram allows its users in its recent update that there is no such limit to mass archiving posts. 
So it would help if you opened the archive section in the activity option on profile settings. Select all the posts and tap on the archive.

How Do I Archive Multiple Instagram Pictures?

To archive multiple Instagram pictures, follow these simple steps below:

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile
2. Tap on the profile logo in the main app interface
3. Open three lines option mentioned in the top right corner of the profile menu
4. Open archive section
5. Tap on photos and videos
6. Tap on posts
7. Select multiple pictures and tap on the archive

How Do I Find My Archive Posts On Instagram?

To find your archive posts on Instagram, follow the steps given below:
In the Instagram main menu, tap on your profile logo
Tap on profile options three lines sign
Then tap on my activity
Now locate the archived at the bottom among multiple options
There you will find all the archived posts

How Do I Mass Delete My Instagram Followers?

Open your profile menu
Choose followers
Select the followers you want to remove by tapping and holding on to them
Tap on the three-line option shown on the top right corner of the screen
Delete all selected followers

Conclusion: How To Mass Archive Instagram

Archiving posts on Instagram is one of the coolest features you can ever ask for. You can save all your old memories and share them anytime with your followers or loved ones.

You can now save your important data on Instagram that you think is not shareable at that time but keep them for later posting. The easiest guide about “how to mass archive Instagram” given above is what you are looking for. 

So be patient and follow all the steps until you archive every post on your Instagram account. And if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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