How To Mass Delete Followers On Instagram?

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a beautiful planet where you can follow and get updates on things you like the most. It could be celebrity news, global updates and even friends’ activities with a click. It feels good whenever you get a new follower on Instagram. However, some followers can be a pain in the ass, and you know it’s best to get rid of them. Don’t brood; we’ll show you how to mass delete followers on Instagram.

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How To Mass Delete Followers On Instagram?

You might notice ghost followers like bots, users who only want you to follow their accounts. To handle your Instagram, you have concluded they have to leave.

No matter why you’ve decided to delete your Instagram followers, we’re solidly behind you. Let’s not take much of your time and get down to mass removing your followers on Instagram.

Using Instagram App

To mass delete followers on Instagram, you can use the slow but steady method – deleting each follower one after the other in the Instagram app. To do this, follow these instructions:

Step 1

Sign in to your Instagram Account.

Step 2

Tap on Followers.

Tap on Followers.

Step 3

Navigate to the first follower you want to remove.

Step 5

Tap on Remove.

Tap on Remove.

There you go, you’ve deleted a follower from your Instagram. You can do this with other followers you want to delete.

Using Follow Cop

Follow Cop is third-party software for Instagram management that lets you mass delete your followers with a single click. The app also enables you to detect your actual followers, ghost followers, and unfollows on your Instagram account.

Using Mass Delete Followers For Instagram

Mass delete is a free tool that you can use to remove your followers on Instagram quickly. Here’s how it works: when you sign in to your Instagram account, the app detects all the people you follow and those who follow you. By the side of those following you, there’s a check box that allows you to delete 50 followers simultaneously. Sadly, this app is only available to iOS users.

Using My Ghost Followers

This app is another mass deleting Instagram followers third-party app that iPhone users can use. This app promised to help users mass delete followers on Instagram; it has always kept to the promise. It analyses your followers’ activity on your account and suggests some followers you should delete. Besides deleting followers, the app helps you get active Instagram followers.

Using Cleaner For Instagram

This third-party app is handy when you want to mass delete followers on Instagram. This app was developed by the renowned cloud service provider, Novasoft.

With this app, you can mass unfollow users and remove followers on Instagram, mass delete photos, and unlike previously liked posts on Instagram. Though this app offers in-app purchases, it’s worth purchasing if you want to upgrade to its pro version.

We’ve always looked out for you and helped you navigate any challenge. Here are some tips you need to know before installing third-party apps to help you mass delete followers, on Instagram.

  • Ensure you’re not downloading an outdated version of these apps.
  • If you’re downloading an app that’s not on the above list, do well to go through its privacy policy.
  • Finally, turn on 2-factor authentication.


Why Is Instagram Removing My Followers?

If you’ve noticed a drop in the number of followers you have on Instagram, you’ve been hit by the Instagram shadow ban. This shadow ban happens when you use unauthorized software that violates Instagram API, plays the follow-unfollow game, or make a controversial post.

How Many Followers Can I Remove Per Day?

Instagram’s remove follower feature has a daily limit of 200 per day. Suppose you want to exhaust this limit within a day. In that case, it’s ideal you remove ten followers per hour to prevent your account from facing restrictions or being suspended indefinitely. On the other hand, there’s no limit to the number of people you can follow per day.

Does Instagram Ask To Send A Photo Of Oneself?

If you have issues signing in to your Instagram, you will be asked to use photos of yourself. If you can’t, you’ll be asked to upload a video selfie to authenticate that you’re the owner of the account. Instagram prefers this video selfie identification because users can digitally modify photos and IDs.

What Are The Signs That My Instagram Account Has Been Hacked?

The first sign you’d notice is that your Instagram login details have been changed. If you’re still signed in, you will see that you’re following people you didn’t follow. Another sign is that you’ll send and receive messages you didn’t initiate.

Can I Delete A Hacked Instagram Account?

Suppose you notice that your Instagram account has been compromised and want to protect your information. In that case, you can report your account to support and request that they delete it. You can go to Settings and delete your account if you’re signed in to that account.
We’re optimistic you’ve learned how to mass delete followers on Instagram, and it’s time to try it practically. Feel free to share this guide, and don’t leave in a hurry. Use the comment section to let us know how helpful this guide was.

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