How To Mirror IPhone To Roku TV Without WiFi?

Are you looking for ways to mirror iPhone to Roku tv without WiFi? Then you are reading the right article for your solution. It is new and exciting to hear that Roku devices now support AirPlay and Apple HomeKit devices. Here you can learn How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV Without WiFi. Let’s begin with the process. 

User Guide to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV without WiFi?

You would be pleased to hear that you can now mirror your iPad, iPhone, or Mac devices to the Roku TV. By mirroring, you can directly display anything from your iPhone to your Roku TV screen. Get the HDMI adapter if you are willing to mirror your device to a Roku TV. 

This adapter is easy to use and affordable to buy. The rest of the process is mentioned below in a step-by-step method. Let’s get started. 

Step 1- Buy a Lightning to HDMI cable adapter.

It would help to buy the HDMI adapter when you cannot approach WiFi to mirror your iPhone’s screen with Roku TV. Sometimes, you are at places where the TV and your iPhone are not connected to a similar network. Such as, at any office, any hotel, or at someone’s home, use the HDMI cable and adapter to connect your device with the Roku TV. 

Step 2- Connect the Adapter

Take your iPhone and connect one end of the HDMI adapter to your charging port. The adapter end should be lightning. 

Step 3- Connect to the Roku TV

The other HDMI end of the adapter will be connected to the HDMI port available on the Roku TV. Note down the number located near the HDMI port and switch to the port that will help you mirror your iPhone’s screen on the TV.

Step 4- Press Home Button

Grab the remote of your Roku TV and press the home button. The Roku home screen menu will appear on the TV screen.

Step 5- Select Port

Now observe in which port you have plugged your iPhone. For instance, if you have plugged your iPhone into the HDMI 3, tap on HDMI 3 on the home screen. Once the input is selected, your iPhone will be mirrored to the Roku TV. 

Watch all your favorite programs from your iPhone to the Roku TV without a WiFi connection. You can use your social media accounts as well on the Roku TV. If you are a frequent traveler and prefer to stay in hotels, then the HDMI adapter could be your best travel partner. Connect your iPhone to the Roku TV of your hotel room without WiFi. 

FAQs on Roku TV and AirPlay

Can I stream my iPhone to the Roku TV without WiFi?

Yes, you can stream the screen of your iPhone to your Roku TV without using WiFi. You can connect your iPhone to the Roku TV with a cable, Airplay (via Bluetooth), etc. AirPlay technology will work only if your TV is Apple TV.

How do I screen mirror without WiFi?

You can use an HDMI cable to mirror your phone’s screen on TV without WiFi. On the other hand, if the Roku TV does not support the Bluetooth connection, i.e., AirPlay, you can still connect or mirror your iPhone screen to the Roku TV with an HDMI adapter. 

Can I use AirPlay without WiFi?

Yes, you can use AirPlay without being connected to WiFi. Use Bluetooth for connecting your iPhone and AirPlay 2 Compatible TV. WiFi is mainly used to perform the screen mirroring process.

Is AirPlay over Bluetooth or WiFi?

The new and advanced technology of AirPlay and AirPlay 2 work with the connection of WiFi. On the other hand, Bluetooth works to pair two or more two devices together directly. Note that all the devices of AirPlay are connected to the same WiFi connection and network.

Does the mirroring screen process require Bluetooth?

The latest Smart TVs have the option of connecting devices or screen mirroring with Bluetooth. The screen mirroring feature is now present in most new Smart TVs. Additionally, this process does not require any WiFi connection to proceed.

Mirror Your iPhone Screen to Roku TV

Are you among those who want to mirror videos, apps, and other entertaining stuff from your iPhone to the Roku tv without WiFi? Do you want to know How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV Without WiFi? Then this article is the right thing for you to read and learn to mirror your iPhone screen to the Roku TV. 

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