How to Mute FaceTime Calls on iPhone?

FaceTime calls are a fantastic way of communicating with your friends, family, and colleagues. But there comes a time when you are mid-call and suddenly either lose interest in the conversation, want to concentrate on something else or wish to mute a call for a brief time before hopping back on. Hence it’s important to know How to Mute FaceTime Calls on iPhone.

There are a few ways you can mute either yourself or the others on FaceTime calls. Let’s take a look at How to Mute FaceTime Calls on iPhone.  

Guide to Muting Yourself on Facetime on iPhone?

You can mute yourself with a couple of quick steps. By softening yourself, you can make sure that the other person won’t be able to hear you while you are muting yourself. 

How can you mute yourself on Facetime?

  1. Tap the phone’s screen when you are on an active FaceTime call.
When you are on an active FaceTime call, tap the screen of your phone.
  1. A widget-like menu will pop on your screen with multiple options.
  2. Tap the icon with the Microphone symbol from the menu.
A widget-like menu will pop on your screen with multiple options.
  1. Once selected, the icon with the Microphone symbol will turn to a grey color instead of white, meaning you are now muted, and the fellow caller you are conversing with will no longer be able to hear you. 

Steps to Unmute yourself on Facetime

Now that you know How to Mute FaceTime Calls on iPhone, we must also learn how to unmute.

  1. Follow the same steps by tapping on the screen.
  2. Now press the Microphone icon again on the menu. By doing that, you will unmute yourself, and the person conversing with you will be able to hear you again.

How to Mute Your Fellow Caller on Facetime?

Calls would have been easier if you had a direct option to mute someone else on FaceTime, but there is no direct way of muting someone else. You can take a couple of different approaches to mute your fellow caller.

  1. On the iPhone, FaceTime will not allow you to turn off the volume through your volume keys completely. Still, you can at least lower the volume to a comfortable level. 
  2. This may be direct, but you can always ask the person opposite you to mute themselves. It may be impolite, but it is one of the ways to mute someone else on FaceTime, and if the other person understands, you will succeed in your effort. They can then revert to routine calls once you are ready to rejoin the call. 
  3. Plug in your Bluetooth headsets or the simple headphones to your iPhone and just put them beside you so that you don’t have to hear the caller. It is unconventional, but it’s not stupid if it works, right?

FAQs on Muting On Facetime

How do you know if you are on mute on FaceTime? 

On iPhone, when you are on a FaceTime call, just tap the screen, and a menu will pop up. See if the Microphone icon on the menu is grey. If it is grey, then you are on mute. If it is white, then you are unmuted. 

Can the person opposite my call hear when I mute it?

When you mute yourself on FaceTime, the Microphone on your phone turns off. That means the caller opposite you won’t be able to hear you with your microphone turned off. Make sure to turn the microphone back on when you want to rejoin the call. 

Can the fellow caller hear the mute and unmute sound?

No, when you mute or unmute the sound on FaceTime on your iPhone, the other person will not be able to hear any sound. You can mute and unmute the sound however many times you want, and the fellow caller will not be able to notice. 

How can you tell if someone has muted you on FaceTime?

The only way you can find out if the other person has muted you is if the background noises in their calls suddenly stop. That way, you can make out that the person you’re talking to has muted you. Or you can always ask them directly. If they respond, then you aren’t muted, and if they don’t, then you probably are.

Can you accidentally mute yourself on FaceTime?

You cannot accidentally mute yourself on FaceTime. It needs a clear direction to mute yourself, where you have to tap on the screen, and only then a mute option will pop up. Otherwise, you can keep conversing with the other person without worrying about accidentally muting yourself mid-call. 

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