How To Not See Comments On Instagram Live?

Instagram has introduced the ability to do live videos, a fun new feature. However, this has also created some issues people are unaware of. The ability to post comments on these live videos can sometimes be very annoying, especially if you don’t want people’s opinions in your face when you’re trying to communicate with them! Luckily for you, though, there’s a way to get rid of these pesky comments so they’ll never bother you again. This article contains all the information you may need How To Not See Comments On Instagram Live.

Follow the easy steps on How To Not See Comments On Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a feature for users to broadcast live videos to their entire following. You can share your experiences, interact with your followers, and even post your creativity. Instagram Live is an excellent and interactive way to connect with others uniquely. Instagram Live may be just what you’re looking for if you want to stay connected and build relationships with others. Follow the steps listed below on  How To Not See Comments On Instagram Live.

Step 1: Go Live!

To start your broadcast (or to watch other people’s), you’ll need to press the “Live” button on your profile page. Once you see the live video, tap on it to bring up a menu where you can choose who sees it and whether or not they can comment.

Start your broadcast

Suppose you want to show just one person, press and hold on to their profile picture until they appear in a more petite frame, and then drag them into a space in the top left corner. If more than five people are watching, Instagram will suggest some other accounts for you to add (don’t worry—you can permanently remove them later).

Step 2: Swipe Up your screen

You can also swipe up from the end of your screen to minimize the comments section and make it go away.

You can also swipe up from

Step 3: Tap “Hide Live Comments”

This is where you’ll find the button that lets you enable or disable comments on your Instagram Live. If you tap this button, it will hide all of the comments on your Instagram Live. This means that no one can see them, including yourself! But tap the same button again if you want to bring them back.

When using the Hide Comments feature, remember that not only can viewers not see your comments, but they also cannot see any of them! This can be good because it’ll keep people from being distracted by other users’ opinions while watching your stream. It is also destructive since it might make them think something went wrong with their internet connection rather than being aware of what’s happening in real life (i.e., why don’t we see our posts anymore?).

Step 4: Watch your Instagram Live video in peace!

Now that your Instagram Live video is over, you can watch it and see any comments that come in as they happen. You can also turn off comments entirely before watching your video. If you want to turn off comments for a specific user:

  • Tap on that person’s name in the comment section of your video. This will redirect you to their profile page, where all their comments will be displayed together in chronological order.
  • Scroll down until you see “Turn off notifications from this user.” Tap this option and tap on “OK” at the bottom of the screen when prompted with a confirmation message asking if this change was what you intended to make (it should be).
  • When someone turns off notifications from a particular user, they will no longer receive notifications from them on either Instagram or Facebook—even if they follow each other!

Step 5: Tap the “Comments” button to bring them back if needed.

If you want to see the comments again, tap on the Show button. If you don’t want to see the comments, tap on Hide.

How To Not See Comments On Instagram Live

You have the power to have some control over what you see when you’re on Live!

  • You can hide comments on Instagram Live.
  • You can also hide the chat.
  • You can also disable comments on Instagram Live.
  • You can also enable live comments during a Live session.

FAQs on Instagram Live

Can you hide an Instagram Live chat?

You can hide comments on Instagram Live, but it’s not the same as suppressing them from your regular posts.
– Hiding comments on Instagram Live is like hiding them anywhere else in the app: You can block specific users or hide all comments
– To hide all comments for an Instagram Live video: Go back into your camera view and tap “Go live” again—this time, select “Hide.” 

Does Instagram Live show all comments?

No, it does not. You can hide all comments by tapping the “Hide Comments” button. If you want to see all the comments on your live stream, tap this button again to display them. In addition, you can hide comments from specific people and people who aren’t following you (you’ll be notified if someone is watching without liking or commenting).

Should you disable comments on Instagram Live?

If you’re looking to disable comments on Instagram Live, it’s easy to do. Navigate to Settings > Videos and select the toggle next to “Allow Comments.” This allows you to disable the feature at any time, but remember that if someone has already commented on your live video, turning this option off after they have done so may result in their comment being removed entirely.

This feature is not available when viewing the main feed; however, if you tap into any of your friends’ stories or live content, this toggle will become available! 

How do I enable live comments on Instagram?

Instagram Live has been around for quite some time, but it is still not as popular as Instagram Stories. Many brands are hesitant to use it because they don’t know how to enable live comments on Instagram. This guide is ideal if you want to create an engaging experience for your followers and build a community around your brand.

Comments On Instagram Live

So that’s how not to see comments on Instagram Live! While this tip won’t help you get more likes on your live videos, it will keep you from seeing offensive comments that can spoil the fun of being able to communicate freely with your followers.

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