How To Open An ODT File On iPhone?

Data files come in all types of formats. We are most familiar with the PDF, DOCX, and TXT file formats. Another type is the ODT file format. It is a file type that holds regular things like images, texts, links, graphs, etcetera. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Open An ODT File On iPhone?

So when you eventually come across an ODT file, you need to know how to properly open the file to view its contents without errors. Like other common file types, an ODT file can be accessed with the help of some applications and programs. 

Luckily, this article will cover how to use these applications to open an ODT file on your iPhone without complications.

What is an ODT File?

Before we look at the steps and apps required to open an ODT file, you must know what an ODT file is and how it’s created.  

An ODT file is an Open Document Text file. For example, an ODT file can be created with a Word Processor program, the OpenOffice Writer program. It is similar to Word Document files as they contain images, links, texts, and graphs.

How to Open an ODT File on an iPhone?

Since the OpenOffice Writer program creates ODT files, they can also be opened with one. It is the best alternative for opening an ODT file on your iPhone. Based on availability, there are also other applications that can help with this too.

Examples of applications and programs that help in opening an ODT file.

  • Google Docs.
  • Microsoft Word Office.
  • LibreOffice Writer.
  • Doxillion.
  • AbiSource & AbiWord.
  • OpenDocument Reader app.
  • NeoOffice (for macOS). 
  • Calligra Suite (for LinuxOS).
  • ODT Viewer (only for viewing ODT files).
  • Corel WordPerfect

The easiest way to open and view an ODT file on your iPhone is with the Google Drive and Google Docs apps. With these applications, you can open, view, and edit your ODT file efficiently. Here’s how to open an ODT file on an iPhone.

  • 1. Open the Google Drive app by tapping on its app icon here.
Open the Google Drive app by tapping on its app icon here
  • 2. Tap on the Plus (+) icon here.
Tap on the Plus (+) icon here
  • 3. Select Upload from the menu here. 
Select Upload from the menu here

You’ll be redirected to your iPhone’s internal storage. Here, you can select the ODT file from the Documents folder.

How To Open An ODT File On iPhone
  • 4. Ensure your WiFi is connected to a strong WiFi network or cellular network while uploading to prevent errors.
  • 5. After it’s uploaded to your Drive, go to the Google Docs app on your iPhone and open the ODT file there. 

With Google Docs, you can also convert the document to PDF and DOCX format.

Simply tap on the Menu icon.

Select Save as Word Document to convert to DOCX format. 

To save to PDF format, tap on Save as Google Docs.

Other online file converter websites like Zamzar and FileZigZag allow you to convert your ODT file to DOCX, HTML, PNG, PS, TXT, PDF, RTF, STW, and OTT file formats.

How to Open an ODT File on An Android Phone?

The Google Drive and Google Docs apps are also compatible with Android devices. That is, it’s the same steps used to open an ODT file on an Android phone. Alternatively, you can install other applications like the OpenDocument Reader app to open and edit an ODT file.

Failure to Open the ODT File?

If you’ve tried all the apps, websites, and programs stated here that could help you open your ODT file and you are still unable to open your ODT file, it’s either your ODT file wasn’t saved correctly or its file format is stated wrongly.


How to open a .ODT file on MS Word?

To open your ODT file on MS Word, follow these brief steps.
1. Open the ODT file in MS Word.
2. Click on the Microsoft Office icon here and click on Open.
3. Select OpenDocument Text (.ODT) in the file type menu.
4. Select the ODT file and click on Open.

How to open an ODT file on a mobile device?

An easy method to open an ODT file is with the Google Docs app on your Android or iPhone.

How to turn an ODT document into a PDF file?

With any conversion applications, you can turn your ODT file into a PDF one.
1. In the Acrobat app, tap the Create PDF option from the Tools section.
2. Next, select the file and locate your ODT file.
3. Select the ODT file that will be converted to PDF format.
4. Tap on Create.
5. Tap on Save to save the PDF to a folder.

Does Apple support ODT?

Apple devices are compatible with ODT files. ODT is compatible with multiple word processing applications and programs, allowing you to share and receive ODT files from Word users.

Why is my ODT file not opening?

A common cause of this issue is an interruption in the transmission and storage of the ODT file. This is most likely to be caused by a running application or software.

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