How To Open APK Files On The iPhone?

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If you’re familiar with the Android operating system, you’ll be familiar with the term APK. All apps in the Android operating system are APK packages, unlike the iOS that uses IPA, usually coded with the Xcode language as its package.

APKs, or Android Package Kits, are extensions of the Android Package File that are used for distributing applications on the Android OS by Google. An APK contains all the data in an Android application, including its resources.

Opening an APK file on an iPhone is impossible as the operating system that opens these files is distinctly different from the iPhone. Nevertheless, to open APK files, you’ll have to convert them to IPA. What do we mean? You can’t directly open an APK file on your iPhone unless it’s converted to an iOS-supported file. Let’s take you through the possible methods you can use to open APK files.

What are the Methods To Open APK Files On iPhone?

Before opening an APK file on your iPhone, ensure you have enough storage space to do so. If you’ve confirmed there’s enough space, hop on the process.

Method 1: Using Android Emulators To Open APK Files On iPhone

These emulators are used for converting any device into a working android. The android emulators are of different types, from which you can choose the one that suits your iPhone specification.

iAndriod and Bluestacks Android are the most popular Android emulators. Now let’s move to the requirements of these emulators we’ve listed and the process involved in using them.


  1. 64-bit iOS processor
  1. An updated SDK manager
  1. Pre-installed Cydia

Steps To Run The Emulator—iAndroid

  1. Open Cydia.
  1. Tap on Manage.
  1. Select Sources from the menu.
  1. Find
  1. Add this source to your device; they’ll appear as other apps on your phone. 
  1. Open the File and search for iAndriod.
  1. Install the iAndroid App, and you’re set to use your iPhone as an Android.
  1. Go to any APK File you want to open and install. 
  1. If you’ve changed your mind about running your iPhone as an Android, you can uninstall the iAndroid.

Method 2: Using The Google Play Store To Open APK Files On iPhone

No matter your version of iOS, you can download the Google Play store and use it to open APK files. There’s no need to jailbreak your iPhone to use this method. If you’re running iOS13 and above, you’d have to do these settings before installing the Google Play Store.

  1. Open Settings and tap on General.
  1. Tap Background App Refresh
background apps
  1. Toggle on both WiFi And Cellular Data.
  1. Reboot your iPhone.
  1. Open Settings
  1. Scroll down, tap Battery, and then tap on Low Power Mode to toggle it off.
How To Open APK Files On The iPhone

steps To Use Google Play Store Method

  1. Open your Web Browser.
  1. Open
  1. On the search option, write Play Store and tap Start Injection.
  1. Download an App Or Game of your choice after the process.

Remember that the Google Play Store becomes available on your iPhone after the injection.

FAQs on APK Files

How Do I Install Apps From Unknown Sources On My iPhone?

To install apps from unknown sources on your Android, you’ll have to enable it in settings. To do so, open settings and tap security. Turn on the “Unknown sources” option.

What Is The APK Equivalent For IOS?

iOS does not have its APK equivalent as the two platforms use different operating systems. However, you can use software to convert iOS apps to run effectively on Android. One of the finest is the Phoneswap app.

How Do I Transfer Data From An Android To An iPhone?

There are several ways to transfer your data from an Android device to an iPhone. You can use a third-party application like Xender or cloud storage apps like Google Drive or iCloud. To use the traditional method, connect the two devices to a PC using a USB cable and transfer the files you want.

How Do I Open An IPA File On IOS?

To open an IPA file on your iOS-enabled device, you’ll need to install a file manager or document explorer app on your device. Once installed, open the App and navigate to the IPA File. Tap on it, then tap Open.

How Do I Enable Tutu App On My iPhone?

To enable the Tutu App, open Settings and scroll to General. Tap on Profile And Device Management. Tap on Tutu App and tap Trust. You’re all good!
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