How To Open iPhone Sim Card?

As kids, we used to locate the sim case in iPhones like in Androids. Little did we know that iPhone comes with a small sim tray on the left side of the panel. Do you want to know How To Open iPhone Sim Card? If you want to learn this process, then you are not alone. Let’s start reading this article to get your answers. 

How to Open iPhone Sim Card?

Opening the iPhone sim card is as easy as opening your locked refrigerator door with a key or lock drawers with the key. If you are a new iPhone user and have no idea how to open a sim card on iPhone, then we have your back. The model of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 pro-Max have their trays on the left. iPhone comes with a “Sim ejecting tool.” 

It would be good to have a small paper clip or sim tray opener to open the sim card on iPhone. On the other hand, you can insert the sim card back again into the slot without any tool on iPhone. Make sure not to press the tray too hard, or it will be broken. 

It looks like a small thin but strong wire that goes inside the hole beside the sim tray at the top left of your screen. Let’s see the process of opening a sim card on an iPhone in the steps mentioned below. 

Steps To Open iPhone Sim Card

  • Step 1- Take the tool.

Take out the sim ejecting tool that looks like a minor key with a long tiny, thin rod and insert it in the hole beside the sim tray. Use the correct sim ejecting tool with your iPhone and insert that in the sim hole.

  • Step 2- Push

Afterward, you inserted the key in the hole, turned it around, and pressed. A tiny button inside the hole would be pushed through this tool. You will hear or feel a slight sound of “Click” as soon as the tool touches and press the button. This clicking will open the sim tray. 

  • Step 3- Eject Sim

The sim tray will open and slide a little from its area. Take out the sim carefully outside the tray. You can also take out the sim tray from its socket. 

  • Step 4- Check the notch.

You can see the small notch at the corner of your sim card. This notch helps the sim to fit and sit in only one way in the sim tray. It also helps the sim to sit tightly and prevents it from moving from its actual position.

 Now that you have opened the sim in the iPhone, you can fit the sim tray again in its socket. Opening the sim on iPhone is a simple process, as you have seen. You can now open your sim by following the steps mentioned above.

FAQs On iPhone Sim Card

Which iPhone models have sim trays on the left side?

These iPhone models have their sim trays on the left side of the panel. iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 pro-Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 pro-Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13.

How can you open the iPhone sim card slot without any tool?

You cannot open the sim card slot of any model of iPhone without any tool. 

Why can’t I pop my sim card out?

There could be several reasons you cannot eject your sim tray out of your iPhone. One of the reasons is that the sim tray is dirty, and the debris keeps it from ejection. Clean the area around the sim tray with a damp cloth or wet wipe. 

What should I do if my iPhone sim tray is stuck?

Turn off your iPhone and insert the long ejection pin in the sim hole. Your sim tray could be stuck because you are not using any efficient tool for ejection. Press the tool and wait for the click sound. As soon as you hit the button at the bottom of the hole, your sim tray will pop out from its slot. 

Where is the sim card on an iPhone?

The sim card or sim tray on an iPhone is located on the right side of the iOS device. In some iPhone models, this slot is on the left side. The iPhone models below iPhone 12 have the sim slot on the right side of the device.

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