How To Pause Instagram Reels?

Reels are Instagram videos that are succinct and interesting and provide you the chance to show off your creativity while also giving life to your brand. In this guide, I’ll show you How To Pause Instagram Reels.

It is a well-liked component of the platform. You might not want to view every reel that appears in your newsfeed at once. This article explains how to pause Instagram reel videos (short videos), so you may watch them again at a later time.

People visit Reels to engage in cultural trends, work with the neighborhood, and learn new skills. Additionally, it aids Instagram users and accounts in producing viral videos.

Steps To Pause Instagram reels on Android

Most Instagram users are on Android or any other phone. However, if you are trying to pause reels on the phone, the following are the steps to do it. 

  1. To view the whole reel, use the reels option in the first step.
How To Pause Instagram Reels
  1. Scroll down to find more reel videos if you already have one.
Scroll down to find more reel videos if you already have one
  1. To stop an Instagram reel, tap the screen with a little force. When you do this, the Instagram reel video will pause.
How To Pause Instagram Reels

Note: To pause the video, just tap the screen and hold it there for whatever length you want. For the duration of the paused video, your finger will stay on the screen.

Procedure To Pause Instagram reels on Instagram On PC

If you are using reels on a PC, you have to 

  1. To access Instagram on your PC, use a web browser.
  2. Use your login credentials to sign in if you have logged out.
How To Pause Instagram Reels
  1. By navigating, locate the reel you wish to pause. To do this, visit a profile, hit the Reels icon, or look for the reel. Click on it to reveal this reel.
Click on it to reveal this reel
  1. After the reel starts playing continually, tap anywhere on the left side of the window (preferably in the middle of the reel) to stop it.
How To Pause Instagram Reels
  1. Now that the reel has been stopped. You can also rewind it by clicking the play symbol.

How can reels help businesses?

Information consumption in bite-sized chunks has become commonplace thanks to social media. This type of video material is ideal for holding the attention of targeted consumers because the average attention span is eight seconds. Here are a few advantages of the reels.

Increased engagement from your followers

Instagram’s algorithm is difficult to manage, but with the launch of the new Reels feature, the company will make every attempt to increase user awareness of the new functionality. 

As a result, if you add a Reel to your account, it will presumably be added to your followers’ Explore pages under the Reels tab. This will increase your engagement because it reaches a wider audience than a post in the Instagram feed would.

Create awareness through reels

Influencer marketing may spread the word about a product. Additionally, you can request content creation and promotion from relevant influencers.

Influencers may write brief evaluations or promote the benefits of your product. Additionally, you can work with influencers to publicize an educational YouTube video, podcast, or blog you’ve produced. These advertisements will increase your reputation and authenticity while educating your audience.

Build your brand’s personality

Reels are a chance to interact with your audience lightheartedly and show them the face (or person) behind the brand.

Reels provide a fantastic opportunity to establish stronger relationships with your potential clientele by fostering know, like, and trust since, as we all know, people buy from people.

Change your content strategy

Instagram has established a special section on the hashtags page specifically to promote its reel function, which it is still actively marketing among its users.

If you use niche-specific and pertinent hashtags, you, as a user, have the chance to be featured there and have your work seen by a larger audience.

Instagram Reels should be used in your content strategy if you are a developing brand searching for an opportunity.

FAQs On Pausing Instagram Reels

How do you use Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are a method for organizing your Instagram posts into a mobile app playable video. All of the videos you want to utilize in the reel must be uploaded to your account in order to be used. When uploaded, click the three dots next to the video and choose “Create Reel.” To play the videos after that, drag & drop them into the correct order. To each video, you can optionally add a caption.

Should I do Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are a fantastic method to highlight your accomplishments and expertise. They can be used for personal branding but are typically utilized for job applications. Utilizing the same format throughout will help viewers more easily understand your accomplishments. This is the greatest method to create a successful reel.

Can you fast-forward or rewind Reels or any other video post on Instagram?

Unfortunately, no replay controls are available when viewing Reels on Instagram. Reels could previously be put on hold by tapping, holding down, and then moving up the screen. Unfortunately, Instagram has since fixed this glitch.

How do you mute reels without pausing?

Tap “Preview” after you’re done recording a reel. Afterward, select the music icon from the tools menu at the top. Tap and drag the “Camera audio” slider to the bottom until it reads “0” under Audio controls. By doing this, the reel’s original sound will be completely silenced.

Why do people use reels on Instagram?

Reels allow creators to showcase their best work and attract new fans. They’re wonderful for exhibiting your abilities to the globe and can be utilized as a reel or portfolio for possible employment.


Remember that Instagram stories and video posts can be paused using the same techniques as above. The playback controls on Instagram are now the same for reels, videos, and stories. 

However, if you still have more questions on other features of Instagram, check the blogs, and you might find your answers. If you have any different questions, let us know, and we can create new content for you.

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