How to Pause Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet Fitness is a decorated chain of fitness centers with stations in various locations in different countries. It has enormous members and gym lovers globally. You might be also a member of this fitness center. Sometimes, you may need to pause your membership for health reasons or other cases. Today’s guide explains how you can pause Planet Fitness Membership if that’s the case. Take a look!

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How Can I Pause My Planet Fitness Membership?

Exercising is great and attending the gym is part of people’s routine. Planet Fitness renews membership yearly, and whether you attend your sessions or not, you pay once, meaning you stand to lose by not attending.

How Can I Pause My Planet Fitness Membership?

What if you have a health issue or unavoidable scenario requiring you to take a break from your gym session? There are various options, including canceling or pausing your membership. Canceling the membership comes at a cost, so pausing is your best option.

The bad news is that there is no way of doing this online since each location has different owners. Therefore, to cancel your membership visit the club physically and request them to pause your membership with a valid reason. In most cases, the club gives a three months period after which your membership will resume. But they guarantee it depending on the rules of the club you attend.

The bottom line is that to pause your Planet Fitness Membership, you must physically visit your club and make the request through the customer service where you subscribe to your membership.


How Long Does Planet Fitness Allow Pausing the Membership?

The rules are different based on the club to which you are subscribed. However, most clubs allow pausing your membership for three months with a maximum of six months. Again, you can confirm the period by visiting the customer service of your club and enquiring more details about their terms of service regarding pausing your membership.

Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership?

Yes, Planet Fitness allows users to cancel their membership subscriptions. To do so, visit the Planet Fitness location to which you are subscribed and request customer service to issue you with a cancelation form. Fill out the form and send a cancelation letter to the club. Once processed, you will get an email that your membership is canceled. 

What Happens When I Pause My Planet Fitness Membership?

Pausing your membership means you are staying out of the gym, and your subscription will halt until the next time you resume. Ensure you pause the official way by requesting through the customer service to avoid affecting your yearly subscription. The paused months won’t get accounted for in your subscription, and everything will resume after the paused period.

What Do I Need to Freeze My Planet Fitness Membership?

The rules require that you only freeze your membership if you have a medical condition. It could be an illness, injury, or treatment period, and you are allowed around three months, depending on the club you are subscribed under. If you have other reasons, you may seek consent from the customer service of your club, and they can assess your situation and make a decision.

How Can I Stop Paying Planet Fitness?

To stop paying your membership, you must either cancel or freeze your membership. For this, you must visit the club in person or send a request letter in the case of a medical issue. Those are the two options you have if you don’t want to continue paying or attending Planet Fitness.


Planet Fitness is a leading gym chain with locations in different places. If you are a subscribed member, you may wonder how you can pause your subscription. This guide presents all the details you should know regarding how to pause your membership, and the option you have is to visit your club location in person and make your request. That way, you can freeze your membership.

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