How To Permanently Delete UPI ID?

UPI is, undoubtedly, an easy process from where you can make payments through Paytm. On the other hand, it is not fully secured as UPI goes through various troubles. In this step-by-step guideline article, you can learn how to permanently delete your UPI ID account. 

If you are looking for instructions on how to delete UPI ID permanently, then you are at the right spot. You can learn the complete process of deleting your UPI account in the following fast and easy steps. You may also be interested in how to delete your TurboTax account.

Step By Step Process to Permanently Delete A UPI Account 

Step 1. Delete the Paytm UPI account.

First of all, you need to log in to your account in the Paytm app and select the UPI section. You can log in on the UPI app if you have it on your phone or log in from the website of UPI. Now tap on the UPI section to open it. 

Step 2. Unregister from UPI account

You can see your UPI account on your linked screen with your UPI ID and connected bank account. Three vertical dots will be visible on the top right of your screen, as seen in the screenshot below. Select the “Deregister UPI ID/profile” option and select it. 

Step 3. Confirm the option.

In this step, you are required to confirm your selection of Deregistration. Tap on approve the request and then tap “OK”. Follow this process to delete your UPI account permanently from Paytm. 

Your account now has been officially deleted in simple there steps. You can always recreate your UPI account whenever you want. 

Paytm is a platform for digital payments that is very popular among other online payment platforms. Users who belong to different races of life and from any part of the country can use Paytm to make online payments. Another big reason for the fame of Paytm is that it supports many different payment apps. The users can link their accounts with any other account.

How Can You Permanently Delete UPI ID From Google Pay?

If you have made your UPI ID on Google pay, you can delete it anytime with easy steps. 

Step 1. go to the Google Pay app.

Open your phone and go to the installed app of Google Play.

Step 2. Select the vertical lines.

You can see three vertical lines on the top left corner of your screen. Tap on the lines. You will see different options but go for the settings option on the net.

Step 3. select settings

Scroll down on the options until you see “settings.” Tap on settings to open it. 

Step 4. select “Delete UPI account”

You can see the “Delete UPI account” option in settings, then tap on it if you want to delete your UPI account permanently. 

Step 5. confirmation

Sometimes people mistakenly click on the delete option on their UPI account. That is why it asks twice for deleting. In the fifth step, you will be asked to confirm the delete or Deregistration of your UPI ID because once you delete it, your ID will be deleted permanently. Tap on “OK” to confirm delete, and you are done. 

Can You Delete All UPI Accounts? 

The deleting process of the UPI account varies with the app of payment or bank account you are using. You cannot tell if you can delete all UPI accounts or not. On the other hand, most payment apps and banks provide complete guidance to deleting a UPI account both on the app and website. 

If you face any difficulty in Deregistration or deleting your UPI account, you can contact your payment app or bank for guidance. You can also see the faqs or use the customer services options of the UPI account for any assistance. 

The user can link their bank accounts with Paytm or any payment app supported by Paytm and make the transfer. The online transaction has been made easy with the help of Paytm. 


What is UPI?

UPI is an online payment mode through which people can make online transactions, payments, and money transfers from different parts of the region. It works for all types of people who belong to other working classes.

Why is UPI connected with Paytm?

Because Paytm is the platform that supports different online payment modes. That is why Paytm is getting popular among people. Paytm allows access to the UPI account of any person to link with the payment- making platforms.

Is UPI safe to use?

UPI is a great source of help and supports different payment methods, but it also creates payment issues for the users. Many people do not find UPI safe to use. If you see anything unusual on the account, you can always report that.

How does UPI make payments?

You need to link your bank account with your Paytm UPI, and you can make payments and transfer to any bank account or UPI ID of another person. You can also link your UPI with other payment platforms such as Google Play.

Can you delete your Bank account linked with UPI?

Yes, you can always delete your bank account linked with UPI in simple steps. All you need to do is open the app of your bank or website and follow the instructions to delete your account.


It is always easy to delete a UPI account, whether linked with your bank account. You can follow three easy steps to delete your Paytm UPI ID permanently. If you are thinking about how to permanently delete a UPI account linked to google play, you can also do it in five simple steps. 

People often face trouble while using UPI accounts despite various benefits. Go for your good and delete the account if you do not feel secure with that.

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