How to Pin Videos on Tik Tok: The Ultimate Guide

Tik Tok has been ruling on the internet for many years. Most people enjoy their selves making new and creative videos on Tik Tok. Do you want to pin your favorite Tik Tok videos at the top of your profile? Do you want to know if there is a way to keep your favorite videos close to you? Then this article will teach you how to pin videos on Tik Tok with the Ultimate guide.

Let’s not keep you on wait more and get started on it. 

Steps to Pin Videos on Tik Tok: The Ultimate Guide

Tik Tok allow its users to make fun videos, mimic your voice, hop to the songs, and do other productive activities. Many people got prominent through the platform Tik Tok. 

Let’s begin with the steps. 

Step 1- Log in to Your Tik Tok Account:

First, log in to your Tik Tok Account with your login information. If you do not have a Tik Tok account, you can sign up for one. Tik Tok is for both iOS and Android devices. 

tiktok login

Step 2- Launch the App.

Tik Tok works like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and linked in. The more you are followed on Tik Tok, the more you will become famous. In this step, you need to launch the Tik Tok app on your phone. 

tiktok feed

Step 3- Open Your Profile

Now that you have opened the Tik Tok app on your phone, it is time to visit your Tik Tok profile. Tap on the profile icon on your screen. 

How to Pin Videos on Tik Tok: The Ultimate Guide

Step 4- Select Videos

After opening your profile, scroll down through the videos. Select that video you want to pin. 

tiktok profile to pin videos

Step 5- Open Menu

Now that you have chosen the video that you would like to pin on your Tik Tok profile go for the three dots located at the right of the screen. Tap on these three dots to open the menu. 

tiktok video option

Step 6- Select “Pin” Icon

In the menu bar, you can see the pin icon or pin option. Tap on that option to pin that video. Once the video is pinned, it will place at the top of your profile. You can pin around three videos, so select your top three to pin at the start or top of your profile. 

tiktok pin option

Whenever someone visits your Tik Tok profile, they will see your pinned videos first. No matter how many videos you may add to your Tik Tok profile, your pinned videos will always remain on top until you unpin them. 

Now you have learned the feature of pinning your Tik Tok videos on your profile, and you can make your account a better layout. 


How do I unpin a Tik Tok video?

Unpinning a Tik Tok video is the same as pinning it. You go to your Tik Tok profile and tap on the pinned video that you want to unpin. That video will be at the top of your profile layout. You can see their dots on the right bottom of the pinned video. Tap on these dots, and the unpin icon will be right in front of you. Tap on this icon to unpin the video. 

What is the purpose of pinning videos on Tik Tok?

When a person pins a video on Tik Tok, it can save him for several different purposes. Suppose the video contains essential information; you can pin it; if the video contains your favorite comment, you can pin it. It simply works to keep your favorite or essential content at the top of the list. You can pin up to three videos on your Tik Tok profile. 

How do I remove a video from Tik Tok?

Removing any unwanted or unimportant video from Tik Tok is straightforward. Open the app of Tik Tok and go to your main profile. Tap on the specific video that you want to remove. You can see three dots on the right side of your screen. Tap on these three dots, and a menu will scroll up. You will see the delete option in that menu, tap on delete, and the video will be removed from your account permanently. 

Is it free to watch and download Tik Tok?

You’ll be glad to learn that Tik Tok allows you to download, watch, and earn completely for free. Tik Tok doesn’t require a subscription to use. Additionally, there are no ongoing fees or payments required to utilize Tik Tok. Get the app for nothing. 

Why did Tik Tok get banned in several countries?

Tik Tok got banned several times in different countries because of the dangerous stunts people do at it. 

Summing Up

Tik Tok introduced a couple of years ago, and people cannot get enough of this entertaining site. When you like something, you want to keep that thing close to you. Similarly, if you like some videos on Tik Tok on your profile, you can pin them. 

You must be thinking about how to pin videos on Tik Tok. This article has the answer to your question. Pinning videos on Tik Tok is a small and easy method. You can learn it in the steps mentioned above. 

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