How To Pin Your Own Comment On Instagram?

Instagram is introducing a lot of new features in its app. Recently they gave access to reels in many countries. In the next update, they introduced the pinning of comments on posts. And recently, in the last update, they also allowed users to pin posts on their profiles. Read this article till the end to get an answer to your query – “How To Pin Your Own Comment On Instagram?”

Pinning comments on Instagram not only pins comments visually, but it has many more indirect benefits that we will discuss later.

Steps To Pin Your Own Comment On Instagram

This is impossible if you want to pin your comment on someone else’s post or reel. Instagram allows only the publishers to pin any comment. If you want to pin your own comment on your own post, you must add an important message in your caption. There is no option to pin your own comment on your post on Instagram.

We recommend using fancy fonts and emojis in your caption so that everything is readable. And is easy to scan without reading because viewers don’t read; they scan.

Steps to pin someone else’s comment on your own Instagram post

  1. First, go to your profile page and open the post you want to pin the comment of.
  2. Now go to comments and find out the comment.

Now go to comments and find out the comment
  1. Tap the comment and hold on to it for a few seconds.
  2. A new pop-up will be open.
A new pop-up will be open
  1. Select the pin option from the menu.
How To Pin Your Own Comment On Instagram
  1. Now you have Pinned the comment which should be visible at the top of all comments.

FAQs On Pinning Comments on Instagram

What is the benefit of pinning comments?

Pinning comments on an Instagram post is a new feature, and you must use them. If you have 1000 followers, you will get at least 20-30 comments on your recent post in the first 24 hours. Pin any comment from them and wait for the twist. New people who open the comment will leave a comment to get pinned. Now, after two days, you can pin another comment too. After this, almost every person will leave a full, meaningful comment to get pinned. These comments will help your post reach the explore page, and you will definitely get a large number of followers and a huge reach.

Can we pin our comment on someone else post?

No, we can’t. Pinning comments is not something introduced on social media. It has been available on YouTube for a long time now. And same as YouTube, Instagram allows only the publisher of the post to pin and unpin a comment. You can pin your comment on your own, but you can ask the post publisher in DM to pin your comment.

How to pin comments on reels on Instagram?

Reels reach many people if it goes viral, and if your comment gets pinned in the viral reel, your profile will also get a lot of views and followers. To get your comment pinned on Instagram posts or reels, you just need to leave a very related and meaningful comment. You don’t need to write “great post” or “thanks for sharing“; instead, you can add any point that you think is missed in the post or comment with any positive objection about the post.

Can You Pin Your Own Comment On Your own Instagram Reel or posts?

YouTube started the pinning features for comments, but there, you can pin your own comment too. But on Instagram, you can pin your own comment on your post. You can add your important message in the caption, which will be visible at the top, or you can use your secondary account to post a comment on your primary account post and pin it from your account.

Can someone hide their comments on Instagram?

 Yes, many users and company profiles disable their posts’ comments to avoid hate speech or create curiosity among viewers. You can disable the comments while publishing the post from your mobile or desktop. You can also hide the number of likes on your post.
To disable the comments and likes, Go to advance settings while publishing the post or click on three dots and go to settings after publishing the post, Ina advance settings, you will get the option to disable the likes and comments.

Can you pin a comment on Instagram live?

Yes, only on your Instagram live session can you pin your comment or any other comment by simply tapping on it and then holding it for a few seconds, a new pop-up will be opened, and you will get the option to pin a comment. The pinned comment will be visible to every person who joins the stream later and will be in front all the time.

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