How To Ping An iPhone?

When someone uses an iPhone, he always fears losing it. Losing your iPhone can make you panic and take safety measures. Are you afraid of losing your iPhone? Do you want to ping your iPhone so you can find it afterward? Then, you are reading the right article to learn the appropriate process. By the end of this article, you will be able to ping and save yourself some trouble or fear of losing it. 

How To Ping An iPhone?

Your iPhone is not just an ordinary device. Instead, it is your source of connection with the world. It is your watch, calendar, photo album, and much more. Your iPhone is, no doubt, your most significant source of entertainment. So you must follow the precautionary measures in case you lose it. 

You can learn to ping your iPhone to find it anywhere, anytime. We will teach you to do it in small and easy steps. So bear with us, and you will be satisfied by the end. You can perform it through different methods. When you apply it, you can find it even if it is set on silent or vibrate mode. Let’s start with the first one.

Ping Your iPhone With “Find My iPhone.”

Step 1- Open the Find my Phone app

First, you need to visit the “Find My iPhone” app in the settings menu of your iPhone. Open this app. 

How to Ping an iPhone? visit find my iPhone

Step 2- Select the Devices Tab

You can see the devices tab at the bottom bar of your iPhone screen. Tap on the option of “Devices.”

Select the Devices Tab

Step 3- Choose Devices

Now choose the devices that you want to ping.

 Choose Devices to ping

Step 4- Press the + Icon.

This step is optional; if you want to add more iPhone devices, from here, tap the + Icon

Press the + Icon.

Step 5- Select Play Sound

Now you can see the option of Play Sound on your iPhone screen. Tap on it to ping your devices immediately. 

Select Play Sound

You have done the process.

How To Ping The Location Of iPhone?

It is essential to consider ping the location of an iPhone device. If you are looking for a way to ping the location of your iPhone, then here is a quick and small guide below. Ensure you have an active and speedy internet connection. If you have internet available, you can follow these two steps. 

Step 1- Open “Find My iPhone”

Unlock your iPhone and get straight to the “Find My iPhone” app on your iPhone. The rest of the work will be done there. 

Open "Find My iPhone"

Step 2- Select “Start Sharing Location”

You can see the option of “Share my Location” in the find my app. Tap on the button to start sharing. 

Select "Start Sharing Location"

Congratulations, now you have learned how to ping an iPhone in easy ways. 


Can you ping your iPhone without the help of the “Find my iPhone” app?

If you are looking for ways to ping your iPhone without the help of the “Find My iPhone” app, then you are wasting your time. You cannot ping your iPhone without this app. 

Can I track my iPhone by phone number?

You cannot track or locate your iPhone device by phone number. You need to take the assistance of phone look-up features and services. Moreover, you can take the help of the police to track down your iPhone is lost. 

Can I ping the iPhone of my family member from my iPhone?

Yes, you can ping the iPhone of any of your family members through your iPhone. 

How Can you erase the iPhone device from ping?

Follow the steps mentioned below and help yourself. 
-To ping or delete your iPhone from ping, you will always need to go to the “Find My iPhone” app on your iPhone. Open this app. 
-You can see the Devices option with the other options at the bottom of your screen. Tap on the option of “Devices.” 
-You can see the option of desired devices on your phone screen. Tap on this option to select the device that you no longer want to ping. 
-Now that you have selected a specific device you want to erase or delete from ping, you can see the option of “Erase This Device.”
-Tap on this option, and your selected device will be erased or removed.

Summing Up

Do you sometimes fear that you may lose your iPhone somehow somewhere? If yes, you must read this article so you can find it easily in case you drop it somewhere by mistake. We hope you get your answers from this article.

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