How to Play 2 Players On Gang Beasts Xbox One?

Gang Beasts is a popular game that is available across different consoles, including Xbox one. Many players have expressed the wish to be able to have a 2 player mode with this game. The good news is that this is actually available. Here, we’ll show you the steps on How to Play 2 Players On Gang Beasts Xbox One.

Steps On Playing 2 Players On Gang Beasts Xbox One

Follow the steps given below on How to Play 2 Players On Gang Beasts Xbox One.

How to Setup a Second Player Account?

Before starting the game, you first need to sign in to a second-player account to open up a two-player mode. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Turn on and boot up your Xbox One system.
  2. Plug the cable of the second controller into a USB port in your Xbox.
  3. To sync the controller, press and hold the Xbox button on that controller.
  4. Your second controller is now synced. You have the option to remove the cable to navigate and play wirelessly.

Steps to Create a second Xbox profile/account for the second player

  •  Press the Xbox button.
  • Go to Profile & System.
  • Select Add or switch.
  • Select Add new.
  • Input the email address for your Microsoft account that you will be playing with. Select Enter.
  • Type in the password and press Enter.
  • Review the policy and select I Accept.
  • Finish the other steps, including sign-in, security, and passkey configuration

Setting Up 2-Player Mode Ingame

Once you’ve prepared your second account and controller, you can now proceed to play the game in 2-player mode. All you have to do are these basic steps:

  1. Launch Gang Beasts on your Xbox one.
  2. Select a game mode – local for a 2-player game with bots and Multiplayer if you want to play against real people.
  3. Select a character with the first controller/account.
  4. Once that is done, take the second controller with the second profile/guest profile and press A on that controller.
  5. You can now select a character for player 2. After that, you can proceed to play your game in 2-player mode.

FAQs On Playing 2 Players On Gang Beasts Xbox One

How do I sync my second controller wirelessly?

You can sync wirelessly by pressing the Xbox button on the console and controller, then followed by holding the Pair button on your Xbox One to connect it to the controller.

Can I also use twoplayer mode with other games?

Yes, there are several Xbox games that allow a gaming experience involving two players.

 Why can’t I use the second controller?

There may only be one account in the console. You will need to set up a second profile or use a guest profile to use the second controller.

What is the difference between a local game and a multiplayer game on Gang Beasts?

A local game pits players against bots, while a multiplayer game involves real players.

 What is split screen mode?

The Split Screen mode allows you to play in a 2-player mode. The screen is “split” so that each player can explore or navigate an area from their respective perspectives on the game map. 

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