How to play basketball on Facebook messenger?

Did you wonder how to play basketball on Facebook messenger? There are a lot of games available on messenger. The majority of the games are in hidden format. And basketball is one of them. You won’t be able to find the basketball game on messenger if you look for it directly. It is in hidden form. 

In messenger a lot of features are available instant games are one among them. We can play individually or even can play as a group along with our friends on Facebook. Messenger is not just for sharing things but also for these kinds of games. There are a lot of different types and kinds of games available on both messenger and Facebook. At first, these games were easily accessible, but now it seems a little difficult to access. For playing the game on Facebook Messager you can invite people directly or send links.

So in this article, you can find the step-by-step guide to accessing basketball on the Messanger app. Follow the following steps carefully without missing out.

Steps To Play Basketball On Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Open the Messanger app

Open the Messanger app

Download and open the Messanger app on your phone. Now open the app from your home screen or app launcher.

Step 2: Find a friend to play with

Find a friend to play with

Now find the friend with whom you want to play the game. Search your friend’s profile name and open the conversation screen.

 Send a basketball

Step 3: Send a basketball

 Send a basketball

After opening the profile, send an emoji of a Basketball to your friend. Similarly, for playing football send football emoji.

Step 4: Tap and Tap

Tap and Tap

Tap on that Basketball emoji continuously. Thus your basketball game will open up. Start playing and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Well, now you know how to play Basketball on Facebook messenger. In a similar way, you can even find the football game too. 

You can follow the same method on the computer browser.


How can I play the basketball game?

After the game gets open you can start throwing the balls to the net by swiping up continuously. Try to get as many balls as possible into the net. You and your friend can play the game turn-wise. You can even play the basketball game on the Facebook app. On Facebook, there are different kinds of games available.

Did Messenger got rid of the games from its platform?

Yes. Facebook is getting rid of instant games from the messenger app. They are trying to move the games to the aim app in the future. On messenger, you can still find the games. Either you can find them by searching or there are different shortcuts to launch the game. They are now in hidden form. They are working on launching new exciting games shortly.

Why can’t I play instant games on Facebook Messenger?

There can be a lot of reasons why you can’t play instant games on Facebook Messenger. To play the instant games first and for most, you have to make sure that you are using the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Or the reason could be that your device doesn’t meet the minimum requirement that has been met. Or sometimes the reason could be that the particular game is not available in your country.

Can I find the instant games on my iPhone messenger?

Instant games are available on all messenger apps. Be it on iPhone or Android app. You can find the same basketball on iPhone messenger by following the above steps. Open the Messanger app and set the basketball emoji to your friend.

How can I play games on Facebook messenger?

You can play games on Facebook messenger either using the sticker shortcuts or you can use the drawing tool. Or even you can find some games by searching through the search box. Or you can find a gaming icon on the app to launch the games. You can start a game by selecting the particular game that you want to start playing. Your game ends when you lose one ball. 


To start the game just tap on the screen and to throw the ball just swipes up continuously. There are different levels in the game after you get the first 10 points the speed of the game start to increase. So as we go ahead the speed starts to change. And the game level changes. Follow the step-by-step guide and start enjoying the instant games with your friends and family. Both you and your friend can play the game on the chat window, and the scores can be seen on the chat box itself.

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