How to Play Dark Souls with Ps4 Controller?

Most gamers claim Dark Souls is a challenging but fun game worth playing. If you are a gamer or someone who wants to take their gaming to the next level, then you agree that using controllers makes gaming fun and easier, right? So, do you know how you can play Dark Souls with Ps4 controller? This guide discusses how you can use Ps4 controllers to play Dark Souls. Take a look!

How Can You Use Ps4 Controllers to Play Dark Souls?

We understand if you wonder whether it’s possible to play Dark Souls using the Ps4 controller. Here’s the thing; if you have extra Ps4 controllers you can use them to make your gaming experience fun. The good news is that it’s possible to use Ps4 for Dark Souls. 

How to Play Dark Souls with Ps4 Controller

There are various tricks that you can try if you want to use Ps4 to play Dark Souls.

Option 1: Using Ds4Windows

First, consider using downloading a program like DS4Windows and installing it on your computer. 

Using Ds4 Windows

Once installed, your computer will get the illusion that it is using the Xbox 360 controllers, yet you will have connected your Ps4 controllers or joysticks. If that doesn’t work, try the next trick below.

Option 2: Using Controller Input Mode

The next trick involves configuring your game to controller input mode. For this, open Dark Souls and navigate to Settings then locate the System and open the Controller > Input section. Here, you must change the settings to reflect “Controller input.” Once that is set, connect the controller and once connected, go back to your Dark Souls and set your input type as controller. 

Lastly, navigate to your main menu and click the New Game button to start a new game and confirm that the controllers are working. Bingo! You can now enjoy control and gaming Dark Souls using Ps4 controllers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Ps4 Controllers to Play Dark Souls?

Yes, it’s possible to use your Ps4 controllers when playing Dark Souls. The Dark Souls game has support for controllers. You can use it with the Ps4 controllers or with the Xbox one controllers. That way, they make the user experience more fun and offer you the flexibility to make use of your Ps4 controllers instead of the hassle of looking for other ways to control the movements on the game.

What Do I Need to Use Controllers on Darks Souls PC?

If you plan to play Dark Souls on your Pc and want to use controllers, there are a few things to consider. First, you need an emulator such as the DS4Windows, which tricks your PC to think that the controllers you use are those provided by Xbox 360. Once the emulator is in place, you can then connect your joystick or Ps4 controllers to control the game. 

Can I Use Controllers to Play Dark Souls Remastered?

Yes, you can. Take your controller and connect it to your console. Once you’ve plugged in the controller, click the start button and from the options click on “controller.” With your controller connected, you can customize various settings to get your preferences well set. That’s it. You can now enjoy playing Darks Souls remastered using the controllers. 

Should I Use a Controller or Keyboard When Playing Dark Souls?

There is no specific answer to the question. It all depends on your preferences and how comfortable you are using a keyboard or controller. However, most people find comfort in using a controller as you can easily control your players unlike when using a keyboard. So, if you want more comfort and can handle connecting a controller, then you should consider using a controller to play Dark Souls.

Do I Need a Controller for Dark Souls?

Yes, you do. Using a controller makes playing Dark Souls easy and fun. Besides, Dark Souls has support for controllers, making it necessary and easy to connect a controller to use when playing Dark Souls.

Enjoy Dark Souls

Dark Souls is an amazing game and it gets better if you have a way of taking control over the game. Luckily, if you have a Ps4 controller or can easily purchase one from the nearby store, using Ps4 controllers is recommended. This guide covered how to play Dark Souls with Ps4 controller. Have fun!

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