How To Put My Sim Card In Another iPhone?

So you got a new iPhone? Now you want to set up the new phone by swapping the sim card from your old one? It is often confusing and a terrifying experience to put the sim card in another iPhone. There is a fear of losing data such as contacts and messages. So, you have this ‘How To Put My Sim Card In Another iPhone?’ question in mind and looking for a complete guide?

Do not worry. We have written this article for the same reason. In this article, we have compiled full information on how to put your sim card in another iPhone and what things you need to be careful about. Please read ahead.

steps To Put Sim Card In Another iPhone.

Upgrading or changing phones is a weird experience for many. There is always a risk to lose data and user experience in moving toward a new iPhone.

So, it is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, you need to switch off both the phones or at least turn on the Airplane mode. 

Step 2: Arrange a sim card ejector. If you buy a new iPhone, you will get the sim card ejector within the box in which the iPhone comes. Sim card ejector is shown in the image below.

sim card ejector

Step 3: Eject the sim tray from the old iPhone. You can identify it with a tiny hole where you can insert the sim card ejector. Put the sim card ejector and press it till the sim card tray comes out.

Step 4: Put the tray back in. Do not just leave the sim card tray out.

Step 5: Now, eject the sim card tray from your new phone and repeat the same process you did on the old phone.

Step 6: You need to put the sim inside the tray.

Look at the image below. The corners of the sim card should be exactly where the tray’s corner is located.

sim card ejector tray

Step 7: Insert the sim card tray inside exactly how you took it out. You can also reference the hole as an indicator of which way the tray should face. 

Once you successfully place the sim card tray back into the new iPhone, you can now turn on the iPhone or turn off the Airplane mode. After a brief moment, you will see the network signal on the top bar of the iPhone’s screen. 

If you saw the network signal, you successfully placed the sim in your other iPhone. And in case you cannot see the network signal for a long time, you may have done something wrong in the process. To solve it, again eject the sim card and see if you have placed it correctly. Do not force anything on the process as it may damage the sim card.

Step 8: Once you get the sim card right, you can go on and log into the Apple services with your apple id. This will effectively sync all your data on the cloud and download the data on your phone.

We have also prepared a list of things you need to care about before and after inserting the sim card on another iPhone.

  • Make sure to upload your data to iCloud before changing the sim card.
  • Login to the new iPhone with the same Apple ID.
  • Make sure you also sync your contacts.
  • Do not throw away or sell your old iPhone right away.
  • Check the Calls, SMS, iMessage, etc., on the new iPhone.


Some frequently asked questions about ‘How To Put My Sim Card In Another iPhone?’ are taken from the internet.

Will An iPhone Work Without A SIM Card?

Yes, an iPhone does work without a sim card, but the functionalities will be limited. It will be the same as if you are using an iPod touch with WiFi connectivity and access to iMessage, Facetime, Apple Music, Apple Podcast, and games you can download from the App Store.
You wouldn’t be able to make any phone calls, and you cannot use the mobile data without the sim card.

Does Taking Out The SIM Card Delete Everything?

No. Taking out a sim card does not delete any data as sim cards do not store any data. It will just disconnect you from your cell phone network and stops you from using some apps that rely on the mobile network.

Will I Lose My Messages If I Change SIM?

No, you will not lose your messages if you change the sim card, as the message will be stored on the carrier’s server and can be synced back again.

Can I Buy A New iPhone And Just Switch The SIM Card?

Yes, you can simply buy a new iPhone and just switch the sim card without any problem. If the phone is unlocked or you use the same carrier, there should be no problem.

Can You Put An iPhone 7 SIM Card In An iPhone 11?

Yes, you can put your iPhone 7 sim card in your new iPhone 11 without any issues. Provided that it is the same carrier for the new iPhone or the phone is unlocked.


This article gives answer to your question in a stepwise process for better understanding. You can simply follow the steps in this article and successfully put the sim card in your other iPhone with ease.

Hope we answered your question and provided valuable information.

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