How To Put Two Pictures Side-By-Side On Your iPhone?

Do you often wonder How to put two pictures side-by-side on your iPhone? Want to create a photo showing or photo comparison between two of your photos and make a small collage of your old Photo vs your new Photo? If yes, then hang in there, and you will learn to put two pictures side by side on an iPhone. 

The iPhone does not contain any feature in the photos section that allows you to put two pictures side by side in one. Let’s get started. 

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How To Put Two Pictures Side By Side On Your iPhone?

If the iPhone does not contain the photo collage app, it does not mean you cannot create a side-by-side photo. No third-party app is required to put two pictures side-by-side on your iPhone. Instead, you can use the shortcuts app on your iPhone. Well, we have your back to teach you How to Put two pictures side by side on an iPhone.

Step 1- Open the Shortcuts App

Select the Shortcuts app in the menu of your iPhone and open it. 

Open the Shortcuts App in iPhone menu

Step 2- Tap on the Plus Sign

Tap on the plus icon at the top corner of the screen. Tap on this plus sign to add photos. 

Tap on the Plus Sign

Step 3- Select Photos

Now, you need to search for the photos you want to compare.

Search  Photos in the search bar

Step 4- Select Photos

Here, tap on the option “select photos” to add photos of your choice. 

Select Photos of your choice

Step 5- Select Multiple

To make a collage of two or more photos, tap on “Select Multiple” to select more than one photo. Tap on the button. 

Select multiple photos to make a collage

Step 6- Combine Images

Now you need to search for the option of Combine Images, then tap on it. 

search for Combine Images section

Step 7- Inside the Combined Images

To enter the combined images, you need to see the mode field. Check if the mode field is set to Horizontally. If it is not, then change the settings to Horizontally. 

Inside the Combined Images


You can see the arrow that is located next to “Horizontally.” Tap on that arrow to adjust the space that you want between two photos. You can leave this step if you do not want to make any space between the pictures. 

Step 8- Select Save to Photo Album

Now search for “save to photo album” and tap on it. 

Select Save to Photo Album

Step 9- Name your Shortcut

Tap on the top of your screen to name and save your shortcuts.

Name your Shortcut

Step 10- Add to the Home screen. 

Tap “Add to Home Screen.”add this Shortcut to your home screen. Go back to the shortcuts and tap on done. Finally, tap on X to finish the process. You can see the app to combine photos on your home screen. 

Add to the Home screen

Complete The Steps To Put Two Pictures Side By Side On Your iPhone.

Now that you have set up a shortcut for combining your photos, you can learn how to put two or more photos side by side. Follow these simple and quick steps to complete your process. 

Step 1- Open the Shortcut

Open the Shortcut that you added to your home screen. 

Open the Shortcut App from Iphone Home

Step 2- Select Photos

Search and select any two photos from your gallery to make a side-by-side combination. 

select photos on galley

Step 3- Add

Tap “Add” on the top right corner of your screen. This can take a few seconds, wait patiently for a few seconds. 

How To Put Two Pictures Side-By-Side on Your iPhone?

Step 4- View photo

Now go to the Photos and tap on the Photo to view your creation. You can see the combined Photo that you created without the help of any third-party app.

view photo

Now you have learned to put two pictures side-by-side on your iPhone with the help of a built-in feature called shortcuts. 


Are apps available on the Apple store to edit your photos and videos on your iPhone?

iPhone users have the advantage that they can use other third-party apps that are available on the Apple store to edit their photos or videos. One of the iPhone’s famous and most used photo editor apps is Canvas. 

Do you need to purchase any app to create a photo collage on your iPhone?

There is no need to spend a massive amount of money on any photo editor app on iPhone when you can make lovely collages from the shortcuts app. If you do not want to edit your photos from the shortcuts app, then other apps are available at the Apple store for free. You can download and edit your photos in your way. 

How can I compare my edited version of the before and after Photo on iPhone?

Suppose you want to compare the two versions of a photo, i.e., the before and after editing version. Then you are requred to press the shift key to see how the picture looks before editing it on your iPhone. Tap and hold the shift key as long as you want to see the unedited version of the Photo. The edited Photo will reappear when you release the shift key, 


If you want to know How to put two pictures side by side on an iPhone, this article will help you edit your photos. You can put two or more pictures together by learning the steps in this article.

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