How To Put Xbox One In Rest Mode?

Nobody wants to spoil their weekend by downloading a heavy game on their Xbox One. You may prefer to choose the way to download the game in your absence at home.  This article will discuss How To Put Xbox One In Rest Mode?

Xbox 1 has a feature that lets you put it on rest mode, which keeps the downloading tasks running in the background. The power consumption of this mode is quite more than the energy-saving mode on Xbox 1.

Sometimes you don’t know where to turn on this sleeping mode feature on Xbox. That is why you are looking for a guide to learning how to put Xbox 1 in rest mode.

This article will teach you the easiest method to turn on the sleep mode on Xbox one.

So, let’s get inside the article to explore the secret behind your frustration with wasting your holidays by sitting idle and watching the game downloading process the whole day.

What Is Rest Mode?

Rest mode technically indicates a system to turn down its services unless you wake it up. Your Xbox 1 keeps running the downloading process in the background while in sleep mode.

The exciting thing to learn about this mode is that if you put your Xbox 1 on rest mode without closing the game you are playing, it will start right from when you turn off the rest mode.

Sleep mode quickly turns off within 2 seconds when you press the power button of your Xbox 1. Another way to turn on your Xbox one from rest mode is by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

You must turn on the Xbox 1 rest mode feature by yourself. The default settings don’t allow these settings on Xbox one.

How To Put Xbox 1 In Rest Mode?

The step-by-step guide below will teach you how to enable this sleeping mode option on Xbox one without hesitation.

You may get relieved by putting your Xbox on rest mode while doing your other work at home until the game completely downloads.

Steps To Put Xbox 1 In Rest Mode

It would help if you follow each step below carefully:

  1. Open Xbox One Settings
Open Xbox One Settings

Turn on your Xbox 1 and locate the settings in the main menu. You can find the settings at the bottom left side of the screen in the list of options. Open the settings by pressing the execute operation button from your controller.

  1. Choose All Settings
Choose All Settings

When you open the settings, there will be another option to open all settings with two other power mode options. Choose all settings options.

  1. Open Power & Startup Mode
How To Put Xbox One In Rest Mode

In the settings menu, you will see a list of options on the left side of the screen. Please scroll down to the power and startup option and open it. You must choose the power mode & startup option through your Xbox one controller.

  1. Choose Instant-on Option
Choose Instant-on Option

In power mode and the startup feature, you will see multiple options. Choose the Instant-on option, in turn, off after category power mode. There is also an option to put your Xbox 1 on energy-saving mode. 

  1. Select the Suitable Rest Mode Option
Select the Suitable Rest Mode Option

Now choose the suitable option that you might want to use to turn on Xbox 1 from sleep mode. Please select the option and check the box in front of it to confirm.

  1. Open Network Settings
Open Network Settings

Now open the network option in the Xbox all settings. There you need to open the network settings.

  1. Choose the Go Offline Option
How To Put Xbox One In Rest Mode

In network settings, you will see multiple options associated with the network your Xbox 1 is connected with. Choose the “go offline” button to stop using the network while in sleep mode.

This option is for the purpose if you don’t want to keep downloading any game. With this mode, your offline game will only continue to work after turning off the rest mode.

  1. Choose Full Shutdown
Choose Full Shutdown

Now open the shutdown feature option in the main menu of Xbox one. Choose the full shutdown button, eventually putting your Xbox 1 in rest mode.

When you want to turn it on, press the power button or the Xbox one button on the controller.

FAQs On Rest Mode on Xbox

How Do I Download The Game On Xbox One While It’s Turn Off?

You need to follow the steps below to turn on sleep mode while downloading the game on Xbox one:
1. Open the Xbox 1 settings
2. Locate the power mode and startup option and open it
3. Choose Instant on the option
4. Turn on the Instant-on option in power mode by checking the suitable method
5. Turn off the Xbox after starting the game downloading

Does Xbox One Allow You To Install Games In Rest Mode?

Yes, the Xbox one allows you to install games in rest mode. The feature that enables this option is instant on in power mode. When you turn on this option, your Xbox is turned off the game downloading process will continue in the background.

Is There Any Difference Between Rest Mode And the Instant On Feature?

Both have the same function when you observe them on Xbox one or other consoles. The terminology might look different, but the purpose is similar.

How Much Energy Does Xbox One Consumes?

Xbox One requires 112 watts of energy to run its machine at its total capacity. The energy consumption could be lower when you turn on the energy-saving mode.

How Do I Turn Off My Xbox One Network While On Sleep Mode?

You can turn off your Xbox One network while in sleep mode by following the steps below:
1. Open Xbox one settings menu
2. Choose all settings
3. Locate the network option
4. Select network settings
5. Choose Go offline option in the list


Energy consumption will be more in rest mode than in shutdown mode on Xbox One. So, it would be best to consider some of these factors besides other benefits.

You should use this rest mode if you are crazier about playing your favorite games without sitting idle to wait for their download. While you are sleeping or in school, put your Xbox 1 in sleep mode and let the system do the magic.

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