How To Put Your VSCO Link In Instagram Bio?

Are you a photographer looking to extend your market to Instagram? Or do you want to link your Instagram audience to your VSCO? Instagram is an excellent social media platform, and it has many followers. For photographers, you can easily promote your services and get clients on the platform by simply putting your VSCO link in your Instagram bio.

Again, you probably use VSCO as a photographer, a platform that favors photographers for its many filters ideal for editing photos. VSCO allows photographers to save their pictures on the platform, but unlike Instagram, you won’t get comments or likes. Besides, you can’t see your followers, which calls for the need to integrate the platform with Instagram.

Adding your VSCO link to Instagram is an easy task. If you have no idea how to do it, stick around as this guide offers a hands-on tutorial on adding a VSCO link to Instagram. Take a look!

Steps To Put VSCO Link In Instagram Bio

As noted, VSCO is common with photographers as it offers plenty of features for editing photos. Instagram also allows photographers to showcase their skills, and unlike VSCO, you can track your followers and the comments or likes your work gets.

But here’s the deal, you can use Instagram to direct people to view more of your work on Instagram. You can add your VSCO link to your Instagram profile using the steps below.

  1. Get your VSCO link. Getting your VSCO link is easy. Add your username after the website address. For instance, if your username is test01, your VSCO link will be
  2. Now that we know the link we need to add, let’s proceed to add it on Instagram
How to Put Your VSCO Link in Instagram Bio?
  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. From your homepage, click on your profile photo at the bottom
instagram feed
  1. Next, click the Edit profile button.
instagram edit  profile
  1. Locate the website field and put the VSCO link there.
edit instagram profile
  1. Click the tick icon at the top right corner to save the link.

That’s it. You now have a clickable link on your profile that a user can click, which will take them to your VSCO profile, and hopefully, they will end up hiring you as their photographer, which is the goal, right? Note that Instagram only allows users to add one clickable link per bio.

Alternatively, if you wish your Instagram friends to see the kind of work you deliver, share the photos created directly to them on Instagram or to other social media platforms. 


Is It Possible to Add Clickable Links on Instagram?

Yes, it’s possible. Instagram, however, only allows adding one clickable link to your profile. To add a link, start by copying it and then open your Instagram app. Click on your profile icon and locate the edit profile option. Once you click on it, locate the website field. There, you can paste your link or manually enter it. 

Once done, scroll up and click the tick icon, which acts as the save button. That’s how to add clickable links on Instagram, and once someone visits your Instagram profile, they can click on the link to navigate to your target site.

How Do I Connect My VSCO Account with My Instagram Account?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way of doing so. However, the trick lies in adding your VSCO link on your Instagram profile, such that when someone views your Instagram profile, they can access the clickable link. Once they click the link, it will redirect them to your VSCO profile.
Once on your VSCO profile, they can view all your work and hopefully decide to hire you as their photographer. The steps to link your VSCO link to Instagram are discussed in this article.

Why Is My VSCO Link Not Working?

If your link is not working, you probably typed it incorrectly. Check that it starts with the VSCO website address, followed by your username. If that doesn’t help, copy the link and paste it into your browser. It should direct you to your VSCO profile page. If not, it means the link is incorrect.
Instead of manually typing the link, log into your VSCO account and navigate your profile tab. Click the share icon and select copy. That will copy the link to your clipboard, and you can paste it on your Instagram bio under the website field. That should work.

How Do I Make People Click My VSCO Link on Instagram?

The trick lies in how well you describe your link and services in your bio. People refrain from clickable links, and in the case of VSCO, you must properly set up your Instagram bio, which involves telling the user what the link does and what they get by clicking on it.

Another trick is to use a photo from your VSCO as your Instagram profile icon to give people more confidence that the link takes them to your VSCO profile and is secure.

How Would I Know When Someone Clicks My VSCO Link on Instagram?

There is no way of telling who and when someone clicks your VSCO link added on your Instagram. However, one way of knowing is if that person texts you on VSCO and you are friends on Instagram. That way, you can assume they followed the link on Instagram to reach you on VSCO.

Other than that, there is no way of knowing who clicked on your VSCO link.


VSCO is a great platform for photographers as it allows them to get creative with their skills and hopefully land them contracts. Unlike other platforms, VSCO doesn’t offer the needed networking to link photographers to potential clients, so adding a VSCO link on Instagram is essential.

We’ve seen the steps needed to add the VSCO link to Instagram. You are more likely to get new contacts after you add your VSCO link on Instagram, as visitors can contact you on VSCO and purchase your services, thanks to the clickable link added.

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