How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

Instagram has millions of daily users, and whether you use it for personal or business activities, you probably enjoy its amazing features. One of the cool features that Instagram offers is Instagram highlights. Who doesn’t enjoy creating Instagram highlights for all your fun activities from vacations, hiking, food, etc.?  If you use Instagram highlights, you probably wonder how you can rearrange your Highlights, right?

Sometimes you wish to place your favorite Highlight as the first Highlight. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer any means of doing that. However, here is a hack for it that involves editing the Highlight that you wish to rearrange. We also give you the answer to how to edit your Instagram stories after posting.

The trick is that if you edit any Instagram highlight, it will rearrange to the recent one. So, if you can edit your Highlight by adding a Story to it that you can delete later, the Highlight will get rearranged and become the most recent one. Want to see how that works in action? Could you stick around, and let’s get started?

The Trick in How to Rearrange Your Instagram Story Highlights

An Instagram highlight is more like a directory containing your various Instagram Stories. Suppose you love vacations, food, cars, etc. You can create highlights for your hobbies. Under a highlight like vacation, you can add various Stories for all your vacations.

Here’s the kicker; if you want a given highlight to be the first Highlight, add a story to it. Doing so places it as the first Highlight. You can delete the added Story, but the Highlight retains its new arrangement.

The steps below will guide you in rearranging your highlights. Take a look!

  1. Open your Instagram app and log into your account. Note that the method only works when accessing Instagram from a mobile device.
  2. At the bottom right, locate and click on your profile/avatar icon.
instagram feed
  1. On the next page, you will see the available Instagram highlights.
instagram profile
  1. Click the Instagram Highlight you wish to rearrange. The photo or video added to it will play on the screen.
instagram story
  1. At the bottom of your screen, locate the three-dots icon and click on it.
  2. A pop-up menu appears on the left. Click the Edit highlight option to open the gallery for your Instagram highlight.
finish instagram story edit
  1. On the gallery page, there are two sections at the bottom. Click the Stories on the right side.
  2. Choose any random story that you wish to add to your Instagram highlight. You can choose any story as we will delete it later. Once selected, a blue checkmark will appear on the right to confirm the selection.
  3. Once the Story gets selected, click the Done button at the top.
  4. That’s it. The edited Highlight will get moved to the beginning of your list. 
instagram profile
  1. With your Instagram highlights rearranged, we need to delete the random Story we added before. So, long press the Highlight and click the Edit highlight option.
edit highlight from instagram profile
  1. Locate the recently added Story and click on the blue checkmark.
How to Rearrange Instagram Highlights
  1. Finally, click the Done button at the top. That will delete the Story we added without affecting the new arrangement.

Bingo! With that simple trick, you’ve successfully rearranged your Instagram highlights.


Can I Rearrange My Instagram Highlights Using a Browser?

No, you can’t. The trick presented in this guide, editing your Highlight to make it appear the first, only works when you access your Instagram from your mobile phone. Therefore, if you plan to access Instagram from a browser, the trick of rearranging your Instagram Highlights won’t work.

What Feature Can I Use to Rearrange Instagram Highlights?

Unfortunately, Instagram has no feature that lets users rearrange their highlights. The default way is that the last edited highlights become the first on the list. So, your only option is to edit the Highlight you wish to rearrange for it to move in the first place. Follow the steps presented in this guide to help you rearrange your highlights.

What Is an Instagram Highlight?

An Instagram Highlight is a storage folder for all your Instagram Stories that remain visible on your profile until you choose to delete them. They combine videos and pictures, and you can create Highlights for various activities to classify the Stories you add to your profile.

Can I Delete an Instagram Story?

Yes, it’s possible. Navigate to your Instagram Highlights and locate the Instagram Story you wish to delete. Next, click on the blue checkmark next to the Story. To save the changes, click the Done button at the top. Your Story will get removed.

How to Add an Instagram Story?

Start by navigating to your Instagram highlights. You can access them by clicking on your profile/avatar icon. Select any Instagram Highlight that you wish to add a Story to. Next, click on the Highlight and press the more button at the bottom. From the menu, click the Edit Highlight > Archive and select the Story you wish to add. Lastly, click the Done button.


Instagram Highlights are a great way of interacting with your Instagram audience. We’ve seen how you can rearrange your Instagram Highlights by adding a random Story and then deleting it. Doing so moves the Highlight to the first position. Hopefully, this guide covered all the steps to use to rearrange your Instagram highlights. Try it out!

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