How to Rearrange Photos on Instagram After Posting?

Instagram is bringing great features and updates to make many things easier for its users. It is gaining users on a daily basis in large numbers. Many users throw images or photos on Instagram, and later on, they think to rearrange them, If you are looking for a guide on How to Rearrange Photos on Instagram After Posting? Then this post will help you a lot.

In this post, we have multiple methods to rearrange photos on Instagram after posting and answered most asked questions about Instagram.

You can also hide your Instagram posts from certain followers to maintain your privacy.

Steps to Rearrange Photos on Instagram After Posting.

Freelancers and business owners are shifting their portfolios and testimonials on Instagram, but if you already have created a ton of posts on your profile and want to rearrange them and give an interesting look to your feed, then follow this method:

Step 1. Once you have posted. Go to your profile.

instagram feed

Step 2. Now tap the three horizontal lines from the top.

instagram profile

Step 3. Select the Add order option now.

Step 4. Now, rearrange the posts the way you want.

How to Rearrange Photos on Instagram After Posting?

Step 5. Click done once you have rearranged.

Can we use the pin feature to rearrange the photos on Instagram?

This feature can’t help you to rearrange your complete profile. But still, if you want to stick any three posts at the top of your profile, you can do it with the pin feature.

instagram feed


How preview app helps in rearranging Instagram posts?

The preview app is just a dummy Instagram. This tool will give you a rough idea of what your Instagram profile will look like when you make some changes.
In the preview app, you have to log in with your actual Instagram handle details. you get the same experience as you get on Instagram. But any change you made in the preview app will be applied to Instagram. You can use this app just to get an idea about how the changes will look after applying.

Can someone delete a single photo from a long carousel post on Instagram?

Sadly no, Carousels are the best way to provide long tutorials but if you made a small grammatical mistake in your carousel or you attached the wrong photo on your Instagram and accidentally you hit that post button. You just need to delete it as you can’t delete that one image and leave the remaining as it is.
We will recommend you to open another tab and open Instagram there and post that carousel from the new tab it will make it easier as you will just copy and paste all the details from the previous tab.

How many hashtags should be used in Instagram captions to get a better reach on posts?

Instagram has a limit of 2000 words for captions. Out of that 2000, the SEO experts recommend using only 15-20 hashtags in your posts. But before using you must check the banned hashtags as they will be beneficial for your post.

Will rearranging the photos on Instagram affect the post reach?

This is a myth regarding Instagram that making changes to a post after publishing limits its reach. This is not confirmed by any official and not observed in any account. You can change captions and hashtags after publishing your post and you can also rearrange your Instagram photos after publishing without losing any reach.

Can I Edit Instagram Photos After Posting?

Nope, You can’t edit the photo but you can change the caption tags and location of the photo after publishing. Adding filters and adjusting the image after the post has been locked and you can only repost it.


In this post, we have talked about How to Rearrange Photos on Instagram After Posting? So most probably, you have rearranged your feed posts, and now you have want you were looking for.

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