How To Recover A Gmail Account Without A Phone?

Password security has become a top priority for many people worldwide, but there are still many people who have forgotten their passwords. Unfortunately, this problem can lead to severe issues, such as being unable to access essential services or personal information. How to recover a Gmail account without your phone if you have lost it? Well, we got your back.

Do you want to recover your Gmail account? It might irritate you but do not worry, as there are many other ways to recover your Gmail account without a phone. 

This guide will help you in recovering your account. Do not skip and continue till the last line to learn about different recovery methods.

How To Recover A Gmail Account Without A Phone?

Email is one of the oldest forms of communication and remains one of the most efficient ways to connect with friends and family. Gmail account users need to set up an account to get the most out of its features.

Forgetting passwords has become normal now since one cannot remember the passwords of all the social accounts. If you are stuck while recovering your google account, we will take you out of this. Several methods exist for recovering your account without a phone. 

You are a few steps away from recovering your Gmail account.

How To Recover A Gmail Account Using Security Question?

The first and simplest way to recover your Gmail account is by answering your security question. This method is only helpful if you have chosen a security question for the safe side while creating a Gmail account. This method will make your recovery process easy. Let’s have a look at a step-wise guide.

  1. Open your browser and search for
gmail on browser
  1. Now enter your email or phone number. Continue by tapping next.
sign in on google
  1. Now click on forget password.
sign in on google account
  1. The recovery process will start here. Now tap another way until you have reached the page asking you to answer your security question.
Account recovery on google
  1. Now it will ask you to enter a new password. Your account will be recovered when you confirm your new password.

How To Recover Your Gmail Account Using Your Last Password?

If you remember any of your old passwords, then you can try out this method. The old password helps a lot in the situation when you do not have your phone or another way to recover the Gmail account. 

  1. Open your browser and search for
open gmail
  1. Now enter your email or phone number. Continue by tapping next.
recovery mail
  1. Now click on forget the password.
forgot password
  1. The recovery process will start here. Now tap another way until you have reached the page asking you to ‘enter an old password you remember.’
Account recovery

The last step will redirect you to the page where you must enter your new password. Enter the password and enjoy your recovered account.

How To Recover Your Gmail Account Using Two-factor Authentication?

If you’ve ever lost access to your Gmail account, you know how frustrating it can be. But with the help of google two-factor authentication, recovering your account is a breeze. This is only possible for those who have logged in to their account on any other device like a tablet. 

As soon as you enter your email and the wrong password, you will receive a notification on your other device of ‘unrecognized login.’ Verify that it’s you, and your account will be recovered.

How To Recover Gmail Account Without Any Registered Alternatives?

It is not feasible to regain access to an account if there is no registered alternative. Always make sure to register a variety of alternates to be easy for you to restore your account. 

You can register for various alternatives, such as an alternative email address, a phone number, security questions, and even your saved device, which can assist you in restoring access to your Gmail account. 

Without these alternatives, google would not be able to verify your identity.


Can I recover my Gmail account through YouTube?

Yes, you can recover your account using YouTube. You will receive a notification on YouTube to verify if it’s you. Verify by tapping yes; it’s me.

Can I recover my deleted emails?

If you’ve deleted your emails, there’s a chance you can recover them. Gmail offers a “deleted items” folder where you can restore messages that have been deleted permanently. You can also recover messages if they were removed from your Gmail account after it was archived.

Can I permanently delete my Gmail account?

Yes, you can. Deleting your Gmail account is a permanent action. Once you have deleted your Gmail account, you cannot restore it. 

I have not used my account for a long time. Can I log in now?

It’s impossible to log in to your account after some limited time. If google notices that your account is not active, it will delete it from the system.

Can I recover my account using two factor authentication app?

Yes, you can. This is only possible if you have your phone within you.
1. Start by downloading the google authenticator app for tablet.
2. Open the app and tap the “add account” button.
3. Select “Gmail” from the list of options and enter your email address and password.
4. Tap the “next” button and then scan the QR code that appears on your screen using the google authenticator app.
5. You’ll be prompted to enter a verification code from the google authenticator app. Once you’ve entered it, tap the “verify” button.


In conclusion, if you have lost your phone or if it has been stolen, there are several ways that you can still recover your Gmail account. By using a recovery email, answering the security question, or using the google authenticator app, you can gain access to your account again. Remember to keep your recovery information safe and secure if you ever need it.

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