How To Recover Deleted Tiktoks?

TikTok has recently gained 75% of the audience’s attention in the quarantine. It also has introduced many talented peoples to the world and brought many peoples up by just making them viral with just 60 seconds clip. You may be one of them, but what if you have accidentally deleted your TikTok video and now want to recover it in your account? Then this step-by-step guide will help you with How To Recover Deleted TikToks.

There are multiple methods that we are going to enlist in this blog. Make sure to start from the first method and then jump to the second if the first didn’t work because the list is based on the personal experiences used to recover deleted videos.

Method 1. Recover Deleted TikToks From Gallery

This is the first way and is the most recommended one. First, go to your gallery and go to the Tiktok folder. All your TikTok videos will be present there, and the one you deleted from your TikTok account will also be there. Make sure to search by date if you know it, as it will make it easy to find the exact video.

If the TikTok folder is not visible in your gallery, go to the file manager and search for Tiktok, You will get the TikTok folder with videos there. This will only work if you have created Tiktoks on the same device as TikTok saves preview files in your mobile memory. If you edited the TikTok video on your PC and later exported it to your mobile, then this method will not work.

Method 2. Recover Deleted TikToks From Computer

This will work if you have edited your Tiktok on your PC. 

  1. Launch the video editor you used.
  2. Open the project file of the TikTok video you want to recover.
  3. Now export it again from the video editor.
  4. After rendering, you will get the exact copy of the video back.

If you have deleted the project files, then check for the auto-save files. As video editors make proxy files after every change, you will also get your project files from the proxy file.

Method 3. Recover Deleted TikToks From Liked Videos

This method is one of the best and easiest methods, but has some limitations. If you have liked your video and now have deleted it. Then this method will work ,but if you haven’t liked the video, then this will not work for you.

  1. Launch the TikTok application from the home screen
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on the user icon above “me.”
  3. You will see a heart icon with a lock; click on it.
You will see a heart icon with a lock click on it. How To Recover Deleted Tiktoks.
  1. Now you will get all your liked videos from other accounts.
  2. Open the video you want to recover.
  3. Click on the share icon and click on the “save video” with the download icon.
Click on the share icon and click on the “save video” with the download icon.

FAQs On TikTok Videos

Can we download the Tiktok video without publishing it?

Yes, You don’t need to publish your videos to download them in your gallery. To download your video:
First, create and edit your complete video, then click on the next option and go to publishing post. From there, you will get the option to download the video click on the download icon. Once downloaded, simply discard all the changes. Now your video will be saved in your gallery, and it will not be published on TikTok.

How to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos on Android from Google Photos?

Google photos automatically sync your photos with your gallery., Whenever you save an image or video in the gallery, Google photos will automatically upload it to your google drive and will save it there. If you want to recover your deleted TikTok from Google Photos, simply open the app and enter the month of the TikTok you want to get back. You will get all the images and videos you created in the month you entered. Download whatever you want.

Why is my video not visible on my TikTok account after publishing?

There are many reasons for it. When you start entering the details of your videos on TikTok, the video is visible as a preview from the gallery if it isn’t published yet. If you click on publish without saving, just swipe the app from your RAM. Then your video will not be published.

The other reason can be your internet connection. You may have a good Wi-Fi connection, but the upload speed may suck. So make sure if your wifi isn’t working properly, wait for a few seconds to render the video properly before exiting.

What Are The Draft Videos on TikTok?

All social media profiles have the draft option for their posts and videos. When you start uploading your videos on TikTok, you will get two options, One publish and the second will be draft. The video will be visible to everyone by selecting the publish button, and your followers will get a notification. But if you select the Draft option, the video will be saved as a proxy and visible on your account to any user. You can publish it later, or it will automatically get deleted after 30 days.

Are drafts deleted when you log out of TikTok?

Saving your videos as a draft on TikTok is the best option, especially when creating multiple videos simultaneously. But what if you want to switch between two accounts, Will your drafts will be deleted or not? So yes, all your draft data will be deleted if you try switching between accounts. Even if you just logged out of an account and then login into the same account, In this situation your draft videos will also get deleted.

How To Recover Deleted TikToks?

Recovering TikTok videos is very easy. There are multiple methods listed in this article, and the simplest one is to re-render your video from your video editor. By following this, you will get the best HD quality TikTok video again. You can also check your save folders before processing because TikTok saves a proxy preview file in the gallery when you publish TikTok videos.

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