How to recover photos from calculator app iPhone?

Losing your data can be a horrendous experience; after that all your photos and videos will be gone, and it will be hard for you to recover them unless you back them up. This guide will discuss How to recover photos from calculator app iPhone.

Recovering the photos back from the calculator app can be tricky. There is rarely any solution to this problem, but please don’t worry. We are giving you some methods; go with them. It will definitely solve your problem. 

1st Method: recover photos from the calculator app iPhone?

This app allows iPhone users to hide and lock their photos, videos, text messages, and other data. You can delete photos and videos directly from the app.

  • Step 1-Open Application: First, open the calculator app, then launch the media.
  • Step 2- Selection: Select all the photos you would like to restore.
  • Step 3- Send Icon: The screen will show you Send Icon on the bottom left side of the screen. Just tap it and move to the next step.
  • Step 4- Export: Last but not least, select Export to your albums, and you will get back all your lost photos in your phone library.

2nd Method: Using By Photo App to recover photos from the calculator app iPhone

Most of the time, you won’t be able to find the deleted photos on the calculator app. If you find yourself in this situation, try the method outlined below.

  • Step 1-Open App: First, turn on your device or smartphone, then open the Photo App.
  • Step 2-Fire Up: Then fire up Album and scroll down, then select the Recently Deleted option. Now you will restore the photos and videos you’ve deleted in the past 30 days. After 30 days, it will disappear album permanently.
  • Step 3-Recover Photo: Now you have to select the photo which you want to recover and tap the ‘Recover Photo’ button.

FAQs on Recovering Photos on iPhone

How do I recover photos from the vault app on my iPhone?

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Run iTunes and select the iPhone device icon in iTunes.
2. Go to Device Summary. Check-mark This Computer and select the “Restore Backup” option.
3. You need to select the backup with the photos you want to recover.

How do I rescue pictures from the secret folder on my iPhone?

There are a few steps to rescue the pictures and videos:
1. Click on the device icon.
2. Back up the device.
3. Find the most recent backup of your device.
4. Double-click “Library” to see the files.
5. Click “Export” and choose to export everything or just the selected files

Does the iPhone have a Secure Folder?

No, there is no secure folder in iPhone, but there is a Hidden folder inside the Photos app that you can move private photos and videos to

What apps hide pictures? Tell some of them.

Here, we have short-listed some of the best apps:
Google Photos
Keep Safe Photo Vault.
Calculator by Fishing Net.
Hide Something.
Google Files 

How can I recover my old account?

You can recover your account by restoring your iCloud id

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