How To Remove Google Lens from Android?

Google Lens is a great application that you may find helpful to have. If you are that person that likes to make sense of everything, especially images, it can enable you to identify any text or objects on images. If you think that is not reason enough to keep the app installed on your Android phone, you can remove it. 

Remove Google Lens from Android Using the Phone Settings

You may require to remove Google Lens from your Android phone when you have no use for it. To do so, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Android phone.
  2. Search through your apps and select the Settings app.
How To Remove Google Lens from Android

3. Go to the Apps & Notifications option and select it. 

4. Click on the three dots on the top right of your screen.

Click on the three dots on the top right

Note that you may not see the three dots depending on the type of Android phone you are using. Some types may require you to select the See All apps option, which will take you to the App info menu, where you will select the three dots.

How To Remove Google Lens from Android

5. Select the Show system option from the two options.

Select the show system option

6. Navigate through the app and search for the Lens application. The apps are arranged alphabetically, and you can scroll to L to find the Lens app.

Search for the lens application

7. Click on the Lens app, then select the Uninstall option.

Click on the lens app

8. Confirm your action when the pop-up asks if you are serious about uninstalling the App. Select Ok to complete the uninstallation.

The above steps will help you to remove the Google lens app from the installed applications of your phone.

Quick Steps To Remove Google Lens from Android Phone

But if you have a short time, you can perform the quick steps below to remove the application from your Android phone.

  1. Scroll through your installed apps and find Lens.
How To Remove Google Lens from Android

2. Long-press on Lens once you find it.

3. You will see various options, like share, uninstall, or App info. Select the uninstall option.

Select the uninstall option

4. Confirm the action by clicking on Ok from the pop-up notification.

These methods have been proven to work on some Android phones, if the first one doesn’t work for you, please try the second one, and you will uninstall Google lens. If you check through the apps you have installed, Google Lens will not be listed because you have removed it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Lens

Can I Remove Google Lens from Android?

Yes. If you no longer use Google Lens, you can remove the app by navigating to Settings, Apps, and Notifications and selecting the Show system after clicking on the three dots. Find the Lens application and select to uninstall it. If you don’t see the uninstall option, select the Disable option, and it will not be listed among your installed applications. 

Why is Google Lens on My Phone?

Google Lens is a beneficial application that lets you learn interesting facts about images. The app is used to zoom in on images, and revealing text and objects embedded with an image. Moreover, the application is helpful when you need suggestions regarding a given image. For instance, you can show Lens a ring and ask for suggestions on where you can get such rings. 

Is Google lens Installed by Default on My Android Phone?

The majority of Android phones have Lens installed by default. But for those phones that lack the app, you can easily install it from the Play Store. You only need to be connected to the internet, search for Lens on the Play store, select Install it, and have it running on your phone.

Does Google Lens Steal My Data?

Although many find Google Lens worrying, it is very secure. You may wonder where it takes all the information it collects but be assured all the information is not shared with any third party. Some may argue that the information scanned to the app is stored in the cloud, and someone may compromise the security of that information. Still, Google Lens takes the privacy of data collected seriously. 

What is the Difference Between Google Lens and Google Images?

Google Lens allows you to scan all the images in real time. Google Images, on the other hand, requires you to open Google photos, find a photo that you wish to analyze, and select the Lens button while you wait for the results. 

Benefits of Google Lens

The Google Lens is a beneficial application, especially when you love analyzing images to find more information. Sometimes, you may find another alternative, like Google Images, and decide not to use Google Lens. Some users have complained of disabling the app only for it to appear after some time. If you have the same issue, follow this guide for comprehensive steps for removing the app from your Android phone. 

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