How To Renew Spotify Premium On iPhone?

If you are having trouble renewing Spotify premium on your iPhone? You’re not alone, that’s for sure. Many users have been running into problems renewing their premium subscription on iOS without using a computer.

You can’t view your premium status on the app because of an update that made it more secure. There are slight chances of your payment account getting hacked if you try to update your app and put the information.

This article explains why you will learn how to renew Spotify’s premium account on iPhone.

So let’s dive deeper into the guide to explore what might be the best possible way to do this task.

You may also learn how to upgrade the storage on your iPhone.

What Is Spotify, And How To Renew Spotify Premium On iPhone?

Spotify is a content creator’s platform where you can listen to songs, podcasts, and other videos from worldwide. One of the most unique and well-liked music streaming media launched in 2008.

There are millions of songs you can listen to on this platform in every genre from all the artists worldwide. It recommends most of the music according to your listening history, which analyzes by its unique algorithm.

The trend of podcasts is growing much faster on this platform because Spotify is wondrously investing in streaming online shows. The best thing about this platform is you can listen to free songs on it, but you have to watch the ads to continue.

The premium version of Spotify provides multiple features like ad-free, non-stop listening, access to premium channels, etc. 

It is frustrating when you are listening to a premium podcast, and your subscription ends now that you have no idea how to update it. 

Don’t worry! A step-by-step guide below will teach you how to update your Spotify premium account.

Steps To Renew Spotify Premium On iPhone

  1. Open Safari Browser
Open Safari Browser

First, you need to be sure that you have a working internet connection, and second, an already subscribed Spotify premium recently expired. Now you must open the Safari browser on your iPhone and by locating on your main menu.

  1. Search For Spotify And Login To Your Account
Search For Spotify And Login To Your Account

Search the Spotify official website and select the login page. Enter your account credentials, including Email and password, and then press on login.

  1. Tap On the three Dots option
Tap On the three Dots option

On the main home screen of Spotify, you will notice the option of a three-bar line on the top right corner of the screen beside your profile logo or picture. Tap on that option.

  1. Select Account Option
Select Account Option

After tapping on three bar lines, you will get a new dark window showing you multiple options associated with Spotify settings. It would be best if you chose the account option by tapping on it.

  1. Open Your Plans And Check For Update Option
Open Your Plans And Check For Update Option

On the account screen, you need to locate your plan. If your premium subscription expires, the update option in front of your payment method will be green.

You can update your plan by tapping on the update button, and a new window will appear. You must enter your payment account details and renew your premium account.


How Do I Upgrade My Spotify Free Plan To Premium Plan?

You need to follow the steps below to upgrade your Spotify from a free plan to a premium:
1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone
2. Search from the search bar on the Safari browser
3. Enter the login screen
4. Enter your account credentials to log into your Spotify account
5. Tap on the three bar lines option on the top right corner of the screen
6. Tap on the account
7. Locate your subscription plan
8. Select try the premium plan
9. Follow all instructions and enter your payment method to get your premium subscription 

Can I Renew My Spotify premium plan?

You can renew your Spotify premium plan once it gets expires. You need to follow some quick and easy steps below to do this task:
1. Open your Spotify account using the Safari browser on iPhone or other browsers for different brands
2. Log in to your Spotify account
3. Open account settings
4. Locate your plan and tap on the update option
5. Enter your payment method and get your subscription renewed

Can I Manage My Spotify Subscription Plan on My Phone?

You can manage your Spotify subscription plan by logging in to your account on any default browser on your smartphone.
After that, open the account details and choose the change plan option, where you can change your plan or update the existing project.

How Can I See My Spotify Premium Account Status?

You can view all your Spotify account details and status on your account logged in on your smartphone browser. In the account details option, you can also learn about our current premium plan details and the expiry date. 

How Do I Purchase The Premium Plan On Spotify Mobile App?

You must follow the quick steps below to purchase the Spotify premium plan on the Spotify app:
1. Open the Spotify app
2. Log in to your account
3. Tap on the premium option given at the bottom right corner of the screen
4. Choose the plan
5. Enter the payment method details and get your Spotify premium plan

How Do I Suspend My Spotify Premium Plan?

You can suspend your Spotify premium plan easily without any hassle anytime by following these steps below:
1. Open any browser on your smartphone
2. Log in to your Spotify account
3. Open the account section
4. Choose the change plan option
5. Select cancel Spotify and proceed with the process

Why Am I having Difficulty In Subscribing Spotify Premium Plan?

There are many reasons you may not be able to subscribe to Spotify’s premium plan. It is impossible if you try to subscribe from the Spotify app because Spotify allows subscriptions only from browsers.
Sometimes you open the wrong page on the web, and sometimes, the account details are incorrect. These are some of the reasons which are keeping you away from a Spotify premium account subscription.


Most people like to listen to their favorite music even when no internet connection is available. The free plan only allows Spotify users to listen online, which is why they always wonder how to renew Spotify premium on iPhone.

The most simple and easy-to-understand guide about this problem is given above in this article with a step-by-step explanation and pictures. If you like the content, then don’t forget to share your appreciation words in the comment section.

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