How To Reset A iPhone 6s Without iTunes?

iPhone 6s was a revolutionary model since Apple iPhone 5 models release. Initially, Apple allowed their users to reset their phones with the help of their iTunes feature. Later it was announced in 2019 that iPhone users might be unable to reset their smartphones through iTunes. In this article we have discussed about How To Reset A iPhone 6s Without iTunes.

Since then, many iOS users have complained about facing difficulties resetting their iPhone 6s. Many users also claim on various social media platforms that they had to sell their iPhones due to the exclusion of this resetting feature.

Now you are wondering how to reset an iPhone 6s without iTunes. This guide will help you solve your problem without losing money spent on customer care services.

So, let’s get inside the article and explore more exciting ways to reset an iPhone 6s.

What Is Resetting an iPhone?

People might get in confusion in between two different terms resetting and restoring. These terms look the same, but their processes and actions are uniquely other.

Resetting an iPhone means refreshing your phone with or without removing your data. You have various options while resetting your iPhone, including:

  1. Settings reset
  2. Network resetting feature
  3. Keyboard dictionary reset
  4. Location and privacy reset 
  5. All iPhone settings reset
  6. Everything on the phone reset or erase everything

You can choose the above options while selecting the reset option on your iPhone 6s. 

What Is Restoring an iPhone?

On the other hand, when you try restoring option, that will take you to remove everything, including the latest iOS software, from your iPhone.

Restoring an iPhone will make you lose everything you have, and you may not be able to fix the data again. You can restore your iPhone in multiple scenarios, including:

  1. When you want to sell your iPhone and don’t want others to restore your private data
  2. When your iPhone gets error code (3194, 51, 4013, 9, 4014) messages regarding firmware.
  3. When your phone stuck in recovery mode

But the above options are only considered when your iPhone has unique error options. In our case, we have to reset it without iTunes, which is pretty simple, and you don’t need to give your iPhone to any customer care.

We have provided a step-by-step guide below to help you quickly and easily reset your iPhone 6s.

Steps To Reset iPhone 6s Without iTunes

You must follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience while resetting iPhone 6s process:

  1. Open Your iPhone Settings
Open Your iPhone Settings

Unlock your iPhone and then locate the settings option in the main menu. The iconic gears logo of iPhone settings will be the primary objective you need to tap to open it.

  1. Open Apple ID
Open Apple ID. How To Reset A iPhone 6s Without iTunes

You must open your Apple ID at the top of the options list in the primary setting menu. There will be multiple options in the Apple ID, but you need to choose the sign-out option. You can do this step while resetting, but it’s good to execute it before to avoid any disturbance.

  1. Confirm iCloud Sig-Out 
Confirm iCloud Sig-Out 

After entering your iCloud account login credentials, you need to ensure the sign-out by tapping on it after reading the pop-up message on the screen. 

  1. Open Reset Option In General Settings
Open Reset Option In General Settings. How To Reset A iPhone 6s Without iTunes

After signing out from your iCloud, you must locate the general settings option. Tap on general settings, find the reset option, and open it by tapping on it. 

In reset, you will have six different options, but you must choose to erase all the content and settings options.

  1. Choose Erase iPhone Option
Choose Erase iPhone Option

A pop-up screen will open with an option to erase your iPhone with the red color on your iPhone 6s. You have to tap on it there, and everything on your iPhone will reset. Before performing this action, you must keep your important data backed up somewhere on the cloud or your computer.

  1. Select Language And Log Into Your iCloud 
Select Language And Log Into Your iCloud. How To Reset A iPhone 6s Without iTunes

When your iPhone reset process completes, a new screen opens with a hello message. Please tap on the screen and select your country and language, then sign in to your iCloud and retrieve all the apps you had before resetting.

FAQs On Resetting iPhone 6s

How Do I Hard Reset My iPhone 6s?

You can hard reset your iPhone by following the steps below:
1. Turn off your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button
2. Press and hold the home button with the volume lower button at the same time for 10 seconds
3. Wait until the screen wakes up and shows a dark screen with multiple options
4. Press the volume down button and select the wipe data/factory reset option by pressing the volume up button

Will Resetting iPhone 6s Remove All My Data?

Yes, resetting your iPhone 6s will remove all your data, including contacts, media, voice recordings, messages, apps, and everything. You must back up your essential data before resetting your iPhone to avoid any data loss.

Can I Reset My iPhone From MAC?

1. Open your MAC browser and search for
2. Enter your iCloud login credentials
3. Locate the find my device option and open it
4. Select the desired device which needs to be reset
5. Choose erase device to factory reset your iPhone

How Do I Factory Reset My iPhone 6s With The Help Of Buttons?

1. Turn off your iPhone 6s
2. Push and hold two volumes down and the home button together for 10 seconds
3. Move the options list by pressing the volume down button and choosing factory reset

Conclusion: Reset An iPhone 6s Without iTunes

There are many third-party apps circulating on the internet to reset your iPhone more frequently than you. You might lose your essential data while resetting, but these apps will assist you with extra care and help you to keep your data safe.

Now Apple has shifted the iPhone connectivity through the web from iTunes to their music software. You can perform all these actions on the latest iPhone models from this app on Mac or computer.

If you are facing the issue of resetting your iPhone 6s without iTunes, check our guide above in this article. The step-by-step guide has all the legit solutions to this problem.

If you find any difficulty associated with iPhone problems, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below. Also, check our blog section to explore more unique guides, like How To Change Media Sync Options On iPhone, that might get you out of difficult tech situations.

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