How To Reset Your Instagram Explore Feed?

We all get introduced to new things through our explore feeds on our Instagram profiles. We all explore our Instagram provides at least once a day. The explore feed can be reset according to our preferences and taste. In the following article, you can find the step-by-step guide to reset your Instagram explore feed.

Let’s get started.

Steps To Reset Your Instagram Explore Feed

Step 1: Open the application

Open the application

Install and open Instagram on your mobile. You can install the app using Playstore on android and AppStore on iPhones. And open the app using the app launcher or open it directly from the home screen.

Step 2: Search icon

Search icon

And after that, log in to your account using your login details. And then click on the search icon from the bottom of the screen. Now your explore feed gets opened up. You see posts on explore feed based on your recent searches and other activities.

Step 3: Search

How To Reset Your Instagram Explore Feed?

Now you can see the search bar where we search for profiles and hashtags, on the top of the screen. Now you have to select the search bar present on the top. Click on that.

Step 4: See All

See All

Now you can see all your recent searches on your account present on your screen. And top of that you can see “See All” on options. You have to click on that. By clicking on that you get to see all your recent searches on Instagram.

Step 5: Search History

Search History

Now you can see your entire search history. You can see all the profiles and hashtags that you have visited till now.

Step 6: Clear all

Clear all

After that, you can see the “Clear all” option on the top right corner of the screen. Just tap on that menu. By clicking on that you can delete all search history at once. 

Step 7: Confirm to clear all

Confirm to clear all

Now you get a pop-up window with two options, one to “clear all” and the other one “not now”. Click on the clear all option, to clear all your search history. Or you can simply delete any particular accounts by clicking on the cross march on the side of each profile.

And thus, your Explore feed on your Instagram account gets reset. Now you would be seeing a lot of things other than the things related to your searches.


How can I manage to explore a page on Instagram?

Instagram is a social platform where we share photos, videos, etc… On the explore feed we see posts according to our interests and preferences. Where you get to see different forms of content, for example, you can see video content as well as images too. You can manage the explore page by searching for your interesting subjects on the search tab. So that you get to see your favorite things on your explore feed. 

How can I change the explore feed in chronological order?

You can view the posts in chronological order on your Instagram. For that click, on the Instagram logo on the top left corner of your screen. There you get two options “favorites” and “following”, select following, and now you can see the posts in chronological order.

 Why am I not able to see all posts on Instagram?

If you ever experience trouble on your Instagram always try to restart your phone. Sometimes the issue may occur due to your mobile data or wifi. You can check your wifi and make sure you are connected to wifi.

 How does Instagram determine what’s on my explore page?

Instagram shows your explore page contents based on your search results, your interests, your engagements, etc… And also posts from accounts that you already follow, and you can also see fresh contents that are getting more engagements.

 How can I turn off suggestions on Instagram?

Go to your Instagram profile. Then click on edit profile, and after that uncheck the box near the option “Similar account suggestion”. And then click on submit.


We usually try to reset our explore feed to see new things. On the explore feed we get to see fresh engaging content. And when you refresh the explore page something new comes up. So by now, you know what is explore feed is and how you can rest your Instagram explore feed by following simple steps. Follow the step-by-step guide given above to reset your explore feed.

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