How to Rotate Screen on iPhone?

It is more convenient to watch any movie or show on your iPhone by rotating your Screen. You can do much more by rotating your iPhone’s Screen. Do you want to know how to Rotate the Screen on an iPhone? We have got your back. This article will teach you quick ways to rotate your iPhone screen. 

Steps to Rotate Screen on iPhone?

You can rotate your iPhone’s Screen to see different types of content on it. If you use iPhone and do not know how to Rotate the Screen iPhone, then you can learn it in easy and quick steps. 

Additionally, being an iPhone user, you must know that some apps do not support screen rotation. So it does not matter if you have turned on the screen rotation feature; your Screen will not rotate. We will teach you different ways to rotate your Screen on your iPhone. Let’s begin with the steps of rotating your iPhone’s Screen without a Home Button. 

Step 1- Open Control Center

In this first method, you will learn to rotate your iPhone’s Screen without pressing the home button. You have to swipe up your Screen. The menu for the control center will be opened. 

How to Rotate Screen on iPhone

Step 2- Turn off the Portrait Orientation Lock

You will see an icon of a lock surrounded by an arrow. This icon is called the Portrait Orientation Lock. Tap on this lock icon to turn off the Portrait mode. If this lock is already off, then skip this step.

Turn off the Portrait Orientation Lock

Step 3- Turn your iPhone.

Now that you have turned off the Portrait Orientation Lock flip your iPhone to landscape or sideways to see if the screen rotation works. If your Screen is rotated, then you can use its functions efficiently. 

Turn your iPhone

If your Screen is not working in this landscape mode, try to use it with a different app such as Messages or Safari. You can also look for Social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 

Now, you have successfully learned to rotate the Screen on your iPhone. You can also apply these steps to rotate the Screen of your iPod touch.

FAQs On Screen Rotation on iPhone

Why is my iPhone’s Screen not rotating?

If your iPhone’s Screen is not rotating, then it must be because the apps are not supporting the screen rotation. On the other hand, you must make sure that the Portrait Orientation Lock is not turned on in the control center. If it is turned on, then your Screen will not rotate.

How do I stop my iPhone 11 screen from rotating?

You can stop your iPhone 11 screen from rotating by swiping it down from the upper right corner of your Screen and opening the control center. You will see the lock icon in the control center, the Portrait Orientation Lock. Turn on this lock to enable your iPhone’s Screen to rotate.

Why does my Screen only rotate one way?

Suppose your phone is not going with the landscape feature. Try to turn off the rotation mode, then turn it on again. If it is still not working, then try rebooting your device. It will work after some time. 

Does the iPhone 13 home screen rotate?

The feature of home screen rotation is not present in the latest models of the iPhone. However, apps on iPhone that support screen rotation will work with landscape mode, but the home screen will not rotate like the plus phones.

Will the portrait lock turn off or on automatically in my iPhone?

You have to turn off or turn on the portrait lock Manually on your iPhone. The Screen will rotate as long as you have turned off the Portrait Orientation Lock. This lock does not turn off or on automatically.

Screen Rotate on iPhone

You came up with the question of How to Rotate the Screen on an iPhone, and we have provided you with not only one but two different and easy methods. You can learn these methods quickly and change your phone screen from portrait to landscape and from landscape to portrait mode whenever you want.

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