How To Run A Dedicated Server On Ark Xbox One?

Among the most extensive multiplayer survival games ever was released on June 2, 2015, as an early-access software under the name Ark: Survival Evolved. You can make your own rules in the game through a dedicated server. However, many folks are unclear on how to manage a dedicated server on the Xbox One version of Ark. This article presents a comprehensive guide in this regard. Read this article till the end to get the answer to your query – “How To Run A Dedicated Server On Ark Xbox One.”

In this exciting guide, you’ll learn How To Run A Dedicated Server On Ark Xbox One. So let’s get right into it!

Reason to Create an Ark Dedicated Server 

There are two game modes in Ark. Attacking NPCs either by yourself or with a group in PvE lets you take in the game’s world. PvP, or player vs. player, provides a wide range of additional options. Build a tribe and engage in combat with other players. This mode, however, calls for additional computational power. Public or private servers can host both PvE and PvP modes. Many of these servers have been designed to accommodate a particular number of players and have few customization options.

You can play this multiplayer game in multiple ways:

  • Join an open server
  • Locally host your game
  • Build a dedicated server for your needs

It can appear simple to run your own local Ark server. But this approach might be challenging in a world as big as Ark. Additionally; if you want to serve a large group of players (more than 15), you will run into two problems:

  • High resource utilization—if your computer isn’t strong enough, this could lead to glitches and sluggish gameplay for you and other players.
  • You can not take full advantage of what the gameplay has to provide because players have to stay in a limited area.

With a dedicated server, you can design your own rules. Offer your player base a distinctive gaming experience by bringing them together in a single, strong, and stable area. It will be your world, so you may run it how you like while reducing lag for players on your server.

Benefits of Ark Dedicated Server

Here are the primary three benefits you may enjoy using the dedicated server in Ark Xbox One:

Unrestricted Customization

You can design your Ark server in whichever way you want. Set up its features to provide an ideal gaming performance. You can include your community and add the game changes you wish. You can provide them with a server they enjoy and bring them together around an optimized game.

High Performance

The technology used to build the dedicated servers has been tailored to give you a better performance. Your server, housed in one of the data centers, also privileges from the water cooling system, which guarantees continual efficiency.


You can select a server from the game’s global data centers closest to the location of your players to get the minimum lag possible.

Running a Dedicated Server on Ark Xbox One

A server designated just for hosting a game or software is known as a dedicated host. Other uses, such as hosting websites or sending emails, are not made use of. Virtual or physical servers can both function as dedicated hosts.

First, you must buy a server from a hosting company to configure a dedicated server for Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox One. You must install the Ark: Survival Evolved dedicated server software on your server once you have one. You must set up the server, adjust the server settings and make a game map. Then you may start playing by adding players to the server.

FAQs On Ark Dedicated Server

A dedicated server: Is it worthwhile?

Your firm may benefit from an investment in a dedicated server. It gives you access to a server entirely different from those used by other people, giving you more freedom and authority over the management of your website. Moreover, compared to shared hosting solutions, a dedicated server is usually less expensive.

Procedural Ark: What is it?

Every time a player starts a new game, Procedural Ark utilizes computer-generated content to build a brand-new world for them to discover. It implies that the game produces a new planet with unique biomes, characters, and objects every time you play.

What is the dedicated server Ark Xbox?

The online multiplayer game Ark is hosted on servers known as Ark dedicated servers. Players can access the game through this server, which they can rent or purchase from a gaming provider from any location in the world.

What is the cost of operating an ARK server?

Depending on the service provider you select and the server’s specifications, the price of running an ARK server can change. A server typically costs $50 to $100 per month to run.

How much do Xbox One ARK servers cost?

Based on the services and options you select, ARK servers for Xbox One might cost anywhere from $10 and $200 per month.

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