How To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone?

The smartphone industry is growing rapidly, and so is the number of replicated devices. Purchasing an iPhone from resellers today could be tricky as these merchants have tons of faulty iPhones for sale. That is why knowing how to run a diagnostic on an iPhone is critical.

Suppose you are purchasing from a third-party reseller. In that case, you should remember to know whether the iPhone you are buying is in good condition.

Some of these iPhones appear so realistic that you would not find fault in them. There are so many reasons you should diagnose your iPhone before paying for it, be it to check if the hardware is functioning properly or if the iPhone has been repaired before.

We’ll guide you on how to run a diagnostic on the iPhone to ensure you are purchasing the right one that’s not going to give you restless nights,

Procedure To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone

To run a test on your iPhone, you’ll need to use iPhone test apps that have been tried and true with their results over the years.

Three ways to run a diagnostic on an iPhone

#1 Using Software to run Diagnostics

How to use TestM Hardware to check iPhone software?

You can solely rely on this app to run an iPhone hardware test. This app is available on iOS and Android. You can download it directly on your smartphone and run the test conveniently.

testm home

After selecting the hardware you want to test, the app runs an extensive diagnostic on the device. It gives you feedback once the test is finished. TestM divides the report into different segments. The touch screen and 3D touch technology are listed separately in a separate section from the speaker and microphone.

This app has some flaws due to the nature of the tool. This app runs the tests on the iPhone, which is not reliable for testing the iPhone’s hardware.

how to use Phone Diagnostics tool to check iPhone functionality?

This diagnostic tool can come in handy to determine whether your iPhone is in optimum condition. Though a phone diagnostics app is not essentially a diagnostic tool, it can serve as one. It allows you to test the functionality of your iPhone without requiring any assistance–it is very simple to use.

How To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone?

This diagnostic app runs tests on your iPhone hardware—you don’t need multiple screens to complete this. You can use the digitizer feature in the app to check your iPhone’s touchscreen. You can successfully run this digitizer feature on your iPhone by touching several parts of your screen to know if they are working.

what is Tenorshare iCareFone?

This software is the best tool to run diagnostics on iPhones. The Tenorshare iCareFone app allows you to run authenticity and hardware tests on your iPhone. The results this app produces after the test are good.

This app has many diagnostic features to make your iPhone experience worthwhile. iCareFone is an iOS-enabled app that you can use to manage your videos, photos, etc. It also has a backup tool to help backup your data to your PC. Most importantly, this app runs a free diagnostic on the iPhone.

Steps Check IPhone diagnostics Using Tenorshare iCareFone

  • Step 1

Download and install the Tenorshare iCareFone app on your PC. Connect your iPhone to your iPhone—if you are connecting your iPhone for the first time to this PC, click Trust This Computer on your iPhone screen.

How To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone

After connecting your iPhone to your PC, launch the iCareFone app on your PC.

  • Step 2

On the homepage of iCareFone, click View. On the next page, you’ll find comprehensive details about your iPhone’s hardware.

iPhone's hardware

The report looks a bit confusing, right? We’ll guide you through understanding the report.

  1. If “Congratulations, Your iPhone Has Never Been Disassembled” pops up on your screen. In that case, it signifies that no component in your iPhone has ever been removed or replaced.
  1. The charge time icon indicates the number of times the iPhone has been charged to 100%.
  1. The battery life label on the bottom right of the screen shows the health of your iPhone’s battery.
  1. The table at the top shows the status of your iPhone’s hardware components.
  1. Each of the rolls on the test report should say normal. If not, there’s a fault with the specific hardware component of that row.
  1. The activation status indicates if the iPhone has been connected to Apple’s server and its warranty period periodicity.

What is UltFone iOS Data Manager?

This software is another app that will surely give you the results you seek for your iPhone. This app also exports and backups media files and runs diagnostics in one click.

Steps To Run A Diagnostic On Your iPhone Using UltFone iOS Data Manager

  • Open the app on your PC, connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB, and then click on Test Report on the UltFone iOS data Manager homepage.
How To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone
  • Your diagnostic report will pop up immediately. This information will help you identify if your iPhone hardware has been tampered with.
How To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone

what is Phone Doctor?

For a comprehensive diagnostic on your iPhone, this app helps you run tests like screen multi-touch, Bluetooth, earphones, camera, and so many more. When this app is done with the diagnostic, the result will be displayed for you to go through. Phone Doctor works perfectly on iOS 14 and 15.

How To Run A Diagnostic On An iPhone
iPhone's hardware

#2: Contacting Customer Service

For whatever reason it may be that you want to run a diagnostic on your iPhone, you can contact customer care. You will need to visit an Apple store for further assistance. To contact customer care for assistance, open and solicit the help of a tech support person.

#3 Making Use Of IMEI

You can remotely run a diagnostic on your iPhone using the IMEI. This number will enable you to test sensitive information like knowing if the phone was stolen or not and the iPhone’s functional status. To find an IMEI on an iPhone, open Settings, tap General, then tap About.

FAQs on iPhone

How Long Is Apple’s Return Policy For iPhones?

iPhone retail store policy gives a 14-day window from the day of purchase to return undamaged iPhones and their accessories. Depending on the method used for the original transaction (cash or credit card), you’ll receive an exchange or a full refund.

What Is Covered By AppleCare+ On iPhone?

Applecare+ provides insurance for device owners to leverage. Applecare+ coverage features a two-year warranty instead of a one-year warranty. Customer support is covered for two years instead of 90 days. There’s also additional coverage for accidental damage, battery malfunctions, and accessory-related issues.

How Many People Can I Add To Family Sharing On iPhone?

The family sharing feature in iOS 8 allows up to six people to be added. This software lets users to share purchases made from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store. This feature permits members to view family photos, calendars, and more.

Can I Adjust The iPhone Flashlight?

In addition to switching on and off the iPhone flashlight, you can also control the intensity of the flashlight. Here’s how to adjust your flashlight: long press the flashlight icon, and a control icon will appear. This control allows you to adjust the brightness.

What Languages Does Siri Understand?

Siri is programmed to work in several countries but is limited to understanding a few languages like English, French, and German. Apple is making plans to extend the languages that Siri understands to more languages.
With this guide, you can successfully run a diagnostic on the iPhone to ensure you make the right choice before purchasing. We’re always glad to be of help.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you won’t be tricked into buying a faulty iPhone. You may also like our other article on How to set up hotspot on iPhone At&t?

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