How to save Instagram story with music without posting?

How to save an Instagram story with music without posting? Well, if you are new, then you may ask this question. But, Instagram users or influencers are professional in using Instagram and know many tricks. In recent times Instagram has introduced us to many amazing filters, so you may wonder to record your videos with those filters. But you don’t want to share them with your followers. So, in this post, we will answer a few frequently asked questions. And will also provide a step-by-step guide on How to save an Instagram story with music without posting.

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Steps to save an Instagram story with music without posting

The method we will follow is not an alternative or any hack. It’s the official method to download or save Instagram stories with music without posting it publicly.

  1. First, download or update your Instagram app to the latest version.
  2. Then record your story or import it from your gallery.
  3. Add your favorite music that you want to download with the video.
  4. Now you are ready to download your story.
  5. Click on three dots from the top corner and tap on the save option.
Steps to save an Instagram story with music without posting:
  1. Now the story is downloaded to your gallery with music.
  2. You can now close the story by tapping discard.
You can now close the story by tapping discard.

FAQs On Instagram story

Can you save a story on Instagram?

If you already have published your stories on your profile without saving them. And now you want to know how to download them. Then, simply open your story and click on the three dots from the bottom corner. Now you will get the first option to delete the story and the second option to save the story as a video with music. Click on the save option and download your story with music in your gallery..

Can you save someone else’s Instagram story?

Saving someone else stories and then reposting them on yours violates the community guidelines of Instagram as it is against their policy. So there isn’t any official method to save someone’s story. But, there are many alternative methods to save stories from other accounts.
Simply open the story, click on the three dots from the top and copy the link to the story. Then go to , paste the link as shown in the attached image and press download. The story will be downloaded.
But, if the account from which you want to download the story is private, you will not be able to download or save their videos using any website.
Follow the above method to save video stories only. If you want to save the images, then simply put your fingers on the screen, and once the profile and comment box slide down from the screen, take a screenshot, and hence you will get the story in your mobile gallery.

Will people know if you download their Instagram story?

Every platform is working for its user’s privacy. Recently Instagram has stated that they will soon start informing the users of whom posts or stories are getting recorded through screen recording apps or any other means. But right now, if you take a screenshot or record your screen with someone else posts, then they will not inform them, just like Snapchat. If you take a screenshot of someone’s snaps, Instagram will notify the users that you have taken a screenshot of their pictures or recorded their video.

Does Instagram show how many times you view a story?

No, you can see who is viewing your stories on a regular basis. But if you want to know how much a particular person has watched your story, then there isn’t any official or alternative method to view this.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story or post?

Instagram allows every user to take screenshots using their applications. There aren’t any restrictions in taking screenshots of someone’s posts or stories. If you want to keep your posts or stories to yourself, don’t share them on Instagram or set your account Private.

Should we create a 1-second video to get more reach?

Recently many creators started converting their post into a 1-second video and posting them on Instagram. As a result, 10% engagement was calculated and sometimes more than 100% because viewers viewed that post for more than 1 second, and the video was on loop. So, according to the Instagram algorithm the post was valuable, and that’s why Instagram send that post on the explore page. But in recent times, Instagram has removed the video pin from the app in many regions, and now available video format is reels only. Reels are also good to gain an unpredictable reach on Instagram. As it is a new feature, Instagram promotes every user who creates reels.

Download Instagram Music with Story

Many applications or websites will let you download your own stories to your gallery, but we do not recommend using them. Instagram itself has introduced this feature to download it without any problem.

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