How To Save Profile Picture From Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform full of surprises where you can see thousands of posts from your favorite celebrities and friends every day. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Save Profile Picture From Instagram.

Sometimes you have a crush on someone you see live in a concert, and now you somehow get to know their Instagram.

But the profile is private, and you can’t get access to it because that person is not accepting your request. Now you want to see the picture of that person which they put as a profile picture.

You can’t get any response whenever you tap on the profile picture because Instagram doesn’t allow users to save someone’s profile picture. So, you might be wondering how o save a profile picture from the Instagram account of someone you love to see.

Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn how to save any Instagram profile picture without restriction through a quick trick that even Instagram won’t tell you about.

So, let’s jump into the article and find out how you can get that picture to make your beautiful imagination.

What Is Profile Picture?

A profile picture is an avatar placed next to your profile name or username on any social media platform. That could be your picture or any picture you want to put in place of your profile picture.

On Instagram, you also have an option to put your profile picture so that any of your followers can recognize you more easily while searching. If you don’t want to put your profile picture, then there is an option to remove it as well.

Instagram didn’t yet reveal any update associated with the profile picture save option. Netizens asked them to put that option in their latest update thousands of times, but Instagram didn’t consider it yet.

Instagram might launch the save button later, but you want to save a profile picture now, and that is why many other third-party apps and websites provide you with these services.

You might have to face some ads and spam on these websites, so be careful while using these platforms. You must ensure that the website or app you are using is spam free.

The step-by-step guide below is the legit way through a third-party website to download an Instagram profile picture.

 So, keep following each step carefully so you might not get spammed.

Steps To Save Instagram Profile Picture

Please follow the steps below to save your Instagram profile picture quickly:

  1. Open your Instagram Account On Browser
Open your Instagram Account On Browser

It would help if you opened the browser on your PC or mobile because this process can only be done through a third-party platform. Now log in to your Instagram account by putting your login credentials. 

  1. Tap On Profile Logo And Select Profile Option
Tap On Profile Logo And Select Profile Option

After logging in, you will see your profile avatar at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it and select the profile option.

  1. Copy Your Private Profile Username
Copy Your Private Profile Username

You will see your username in the main profile menu; keep it in mind or copy it. Ensure your account privacy is set on the private account option, not the public.

  1. Open Website
How To Save Profile Picture From Instagram

Now search for the IG Downloader on the web and open the website. You will see an avatar option; select it by clicking or tapping on it.

  1. Enter Your Username And Search
Enter Your Username And Search

Next step is to enter your username that you copy by pasting or by putting manually. Then click on the search button your profile picture will appear.

There is a download button below your profile picture. You will eventually get anyone’s profile picture through the same process by clicking or tapping that button.

  1. Copy The Required Profile Username
Copy The Required Profile Username

If you want to see the process for someone, then follow the same process. Open the profile of that person, which is in private mode. Copy the username and o the same website.

  1. Search On Igdownloader.Com And Download Profile Picture
How To Save Profile Picture From Instagram

Enter that person’s username in the username box and hit the search button. After analyzing the profile, this platform will surprise you with a larger, downloadable profile picture.

FAQs On Instagram Profile Picture

How Do I Get A Full-Size Instagram Profile Picture?

You must follow the steps below to get a full-size Instagram profile picture:
1. Open your Instagram profile on a web browser
2. Copy the username of the shape and whom profile picture you want in a larger size
3. Open the IG Downloader website
4. Put that username in the avatar option
5. Search and download the profile picture in a larger size

Can I Save Someone Profile Picture On Instagram?

Yes, you can save someone’s profile picture on Instagram even if they have a private Instagram account. You need to open the profile and copy the username. 
Now you have to open a browser on your mobile or PC and open a legit website that can give you access to profile pictures like IG Downloader. You will be asked to enter the username and then get that image in a larger size.

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see who viewed your profile. However, some electronic media platforms will enable this feature where you can see who viewed your profile, like LinkedIn. 
But Instagram has some privacy policies which don’t allow anyone to see who viewed their profile.

How Do I Download Instagram Photos 2022?

You need to follow the various quick steps below to download Instagram photos:
1. Open Instagram on a web browser
2. Log in to your account
3. Open the profile from where you want to download that photo
4. Locate the photo and open it
5. Tap or click on the three dots option
6. Right-click on that photo and choose the view page source option
7. Now press CTRL+F and your picture will automatically download


Although by using all the techniques, you can get the profile picture in a bigger size, you cannot get that picture in original quality. Instagram didn’t yet allow its algorithm to reveal anyone’s profile picture in initial quality.

The website we mention in our guide is the quickest and easiest way to download a profile picture from an Instagram account. The person whose profile picture you download through this method won’t get any notification about this as well.

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