How To Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Photo?

Instagram is a platform where you can see thousands of beautiful pictures daily. There are slight chances that you might get across many world-famous photographers’ work in the form of attractive photos. Read on to learn How To Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Photo?

Sometimes, you may like someone content so much that you have built a crush on that person. Now you desperately want to keep that person’s photos on your phone, so you can see that anytime.

An algorithm of Instagram doesn’t allow you to preview any profile photo from your Instagram app. So you cannot view that person or celebrity profile photo within the Instagram app.

That is why you are looking for the answers to save someone’s Instagram profile photo in good quality. Don’t worry! This article will help you to solve your problems so quickly in the easiest way.

To get complete information about this, stick to this article until the end.

What Is Instagram profile Photo?

With multiple unique features, Instagram is a place to cheer up and have fun with your fans, crush, friends, family, and celebrities. 

The features allow you to upload your stories and posts so your followers can see them and know about your current status. Some people who may not be able to meet you in person can see your photos and talk in the comments to say hello.

Instagram also has a feature to allow people to talk with each other through their inboxes. If someone is intentionally stalking your profile and making bad comments on your posts, you can also block them.

If you have a crush on someone and want to interact with them, it doesn’t seem easy to access their profiles. It is also mentioned in Instagram privacy that you cannot reach anyone’s profile posts unless that person allows you.

So, if you have a crush on someone you admire in your life, you want the picture of that person. But that person has a private account, so you need to get access to them or only can save their profile picture.

How To Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Photo?

The step-by-step guide below will provide you with the best way to save someone’s Instagram profile photo on your phone with the best quality.

Steps To Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Photo

You must follow each step below and do whatever is explained to save a high-quality Instagram profile picture:

  1. Open Instagram App
Open Instagram App. How To Save Someone's Instagram Profile Photo.

First, unlock your smartphone and locate the Instagram app in the main menu. After discovering the app, open it by tapping on the Instagram logo.

  1. Open Any Profile
Open Any Profile

In the main Instagram app interface, choose the profile from which you want to save a photo. If you don’t have it on your timeline, you can locate it by searching in the search bar. Type the username of that profile; if they are famous, the profile will appear on top of the accounts list.

  1. Tap On The Three Dots Option
Tap On Three Dots Option. How To Save Someone's Instagram Profile Photo.

If you don’t have access to that profile, you can tap on the three-line at the screen’s top right corner. However, if you have access to that account, you can view the posts of that person and save that by taking screenshots.

  1. Select Copy Profile URL
Select Copy Profile URL

Now you have a list of various options associated with that profile. You must select the coy URL option in the list by tapping on it.

  1. Open Save Insta Web
How To Save Someone's Instagram Profile Photo

After copying the URL of that profile:

  • Open the browser on your smartphone.
  • Search for the save Insta, and multiple websites will open. You must select the one given above in the picture.
  • Enter the username of that profile in the box and hit the search button. 
  1. Download Image
Download Image. How To Save Someone's Instagram Profile Photo

That person’s profile picture will change automatically ap[pear on your web browser screen. Now you have two options: download it or view that photo in HD.

  1. View The Picture In HD
How To Save Someone's Instagram Profile Photo.

If you want to save the HD picture, you can save it from your web browser. You can also take a screenshot if it is held in your smartphone screenshot folder.

FAQs On Instagram Profile Picture

Can I Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture?

Yes, you can save someone’s Instagram profile photo by following the steps below:
1. Open Instagram app
2. Open the desired profile of that person
3. Tap on three dot lines on the right corner of the screen
4. Copy that profile URL
5. Open Insta Save on a web browser
6. Paste the username or URL of that profile 
7. Download the photo

How Do I Save Someone’s Instagram Posts?

You can save someone’s Instagram profile posts by following the steps below:
1. Open Instagram app
2. Open the profile
3. Open the desired post
4. Open the three dots option of that post
5. Copy the link
6. Open a web browser and search for save Insta
7. Open the website and paste the link into the box
8. Download the center after its appearance

Does Instagram Tell If Someone Downloaded Your Profile Photo?

The algorithm of Instagram is made in a way that doesn’t tell if someone saw your profile or downloaded the photo. 
That is because Instagram doesn’t allow users to directly download that profile from the app. So, people use various web platforms and apps to download Instagram profile pictures.

Can I See A Private Account 2022?

According to the most recent Instagram update, you can’t preview a private account in 2022. In the early days of Instagram, you could view any Instagram profile because no such privacy option existed then.

How Can You Save Someone’s Profile Picture On WhatsApp?

You can save someone’s WhatsApp profile picture by tabooing in the profile logo. If that person puts any image on it, you can take a screenshot 0f it to save that picture on your phone.


Saving someone’s Instagram photo without their consent is not ethically sound. But if that person has a private account and you can’t access it, then there are no more options left to download their profile picture except one.

If you can’t find a way to do this task, read our article above about how to save someone’s Instagram profile photo. 

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