How To Save Videos On Facebook Without The Save Button?

Just because Facebook does not allow videos to be saved directly to your phone doesn’t mean you can’t save your favorite videos. The Facebook App allows you to “bookmark” any video and watch it again by adding it to your “Save to watchlist” page. So, how can  Facebook videos be saved directly without the save button? Thanks to technology, trustworthy third-party apps have made downloading Facebook videos directly to all mobile phones easier.

The Friendly Social browser for Android/IOS is the perfect app for saving videos on Facebook. The best part about using Friendly is that it is integrated into Facebook in such a way that you can;

  • Smoothly manage your account on Friendly
  • Post your content
  • View your friend’s posts
  • Manage your friend’s list
  • Chat without using the Messenger App
  • Customize your Facebook content with extra filters

How To Save Videos On Facebook Using Friendly

Here are five steps to download your favorite Facebook videos directly to your phone using the Friendly Social Browser App.

  1. Install friendly on Google play store
friendly browser
  1. Open the App and choose the ‘Connect to Facebook’ Option
social browser faster navigation
  1. Log into Facebook using your login information
fb login
  1. Download your videos by Tapping the cloud-shaped button on the lower right corner.
How To Save Videos On Facebook Without The Save Button?

Will Facebook disable My account if I use Friendly?

No, Friendly is a verified social app recognized and supported by Facebook. When using Friendly to save your videos from Facebook, you do not violate any of Facebook’s terms of service. Therefore your Facebook account cannot be disabled.

Is the Friendly Social Browser Free?

Absolutely yes! Friendly supports not only Facebook but also all other social media apps like 

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Feel free to save all your favorite Facebook videos with a reliable, free, and easy-to-use App.

I can’t see the download button to save My Facebook videos on Friendly?

Please note that some videos must play for a few seconds for the cloud-shaped download button to appear on Friendly for Facebook.

 Also, understand that to save your videos from Facebook, you must be logged into your Friendly social browser account. The Friendly for the Facebook interface is similar to the Facebook App, so no confusion is encountered when saving videos.

Can I save all types of videos from Facebook Using Friendly?

Yes. Friendly allows its users to save all their favorite videos from Facebook without using the save button. These videos are saved directly to the user’s phone.

 As long as the videos to be saved do not violate  Facebook’s community standards, they are accessible for download using the Friendly App. 

Instead of returning to your Facebook watchlist to view your saved videos every now and then, why not try Friendly

Don’t miss out on saving your favorite videos directly from Facebook. Without using the Facebook save button, you can download all your best Facebook videos to your phone for later watching.

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