How to Screenshot Netflix?

We all have been there wanting to screenshot a scene of Netflix to share it with friends or even to make a meme. You must have faced it too. Sometimes the scenes and dialogues are soo good that you can’t help but screenshot them and end up with a black image.

Netflix restricts users from screenshotting their content to protect the copyright content. But there are still alternatives and loopholes from which we can bypass the DRM security or use third-party apps to screenshot on Netflix. 

In this article, we will go through how to screenshot Netflix on different devices.

Is it possible to Screenshot Netflix?

If you are talking about if Netflix allows you to take screenshots of their shows, they strictly don’t let anybody take screenshots of their content. You will receive a black image if you try to screenshot their content. Moreover, you can’t even screen record it on any of your devices.

Netflix is strict about its usage policy and doesn’t allow anyone to take screenshots or screen recordings without their consent. These restrictions in Netflix and other OTT platforms help prevent the illegal distribution or piracy of different content.

But, despite strict restrictions by Netflix, there are still loopholes and ways to screenshot different content on Netflix. There are even various tools that allow you to screenshot Netflix content. So, let’s take you through some ways to screenshot Netflix on PC and Android phones.

Steps to Screenshot Netflix on your PC.

Well, if you are thinking of options to screenshot Netflix from your PC, there are various options for you to capture your favorite scenes from your favorite shows. Netflix can detect the snipping tool and the Print Screen button on your PC, giving you a blacked image. So, let us take you through three ways to screenshot Netflix from your PC.

By Running Browser in a Sandbox

The first way to screenshot is to run your browser in a Sandbox. With Sandbox, the browser runs in an isolated environment helping you avoid any cyber threats and coding restrictions. So, installing Sandbox will let you capture Netflix’s screenshot, and here is how you can do it:

  • Download and Install the Sandboxie App.
  • Run your browser in a Sandbox by right-clicking on the DefaultBox and then clicking on Run>Default Browser. You will see your browser running with a yellow border around it.
clicking on Run>Default Browser.
  • Then Open your Netflix and watch any movie or series. 
  • Use the Snipping Tool or the ‘PrtSc’ key to screenshot any scene.
Then Open your Netflix and watch any movie or series. 
  • After taking the screenshot, return to ‘normal’ mode by restarting your browser. 

By Fireshot Chrome Extension

Another method to screenshot Netflix from your PC is to install the Fireshot extension to your Chrome browser. You can screenshot the entire page and save the image with the extension.

Here is how you can screenshot Netflix from your PC using the Fireshot extension:

  • Open Google Chrome and Go to Chrome Web Store. 
  • Then search For Fireshot and click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.
‘Add to Chrome’ button.
  • Now, open Netflix and watch any movie or series to want to screenshot.
  • Click on the jigsaw puzzle icon at the top right corner.
Click on the jigsaw puzzle icon.
  • Click on the Fireshot extension, and a popup will come up.
  • Select Capture Entire page and then save the screenshot.
Click on the Fireshot extension,

By Disabling Hardware Acceleration(Google Chrome)

Hardware acceleration is available in most browsers, and it works by taking the load off your CPU and distributing it to GPU. Different platforms use this feature to load videos faster on their platforms, and using cryptographic acceleration also helps them protect their copyright content. 

Turning Hardware acceleration also allows you to take screenshots on your Netflix, and here is how you can do it:

  • Open your Browser
  • Click on the three-dotted icon in the top right corner
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Under System, you will see ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.’
  • Turn off the hardware acceleration and click on the Relaunch option.
hardware acceleration button
  •  Now, Open Netflix and watch any movie, series, or documentary.
  • You will now be able to screenshot by snipping the tool or PrtSc button without any black screen.
netflix screenshot by hardware acceleration

Steps to Screenshot Netflix on an Android

So, you watch Netflix on your phone and looking to screenshot some Netflix scenes? Don’t worry; here is how you can screenshot Netflix from your Android phone without any hassle:

  • Go to PlayStore and Download XRecorder App.
  • After Installing the app, Go to Apps Permission under Setting.
  • You will find Display over other apps. Turn on the option to Allow display over other apps.
  • Now, Open Netflix and watch any movie or documentary you wish to screenshot
  • You should be able to see an orange camera icon on the screen.
Xrecorder app Netflix screenshot
  • Tap the camera icon, the Briefcase icon for screenshots, and the recorder icon to video record the Netflix scene.
  • You will be able to see Tools after tapping the Briefcase icon, Select Screenshot, and you will be able to screenshot any scene from Netflix.
multiple options on Xrecorder app


Why Are My Netflix Screenshots Black?

Netflix restricts you from screenshotting any content from the platform. They don’t allow screenshots according to their fair usage policy to make it difficult for people to pirate any movie, series, or documentary. Their usage policy states that people must get permission from Netflix to broadcast any of their content.

Why does Netflix restrict Screenshots?

Like we said earlier, Netflix wants to make it hard for people to pirate their content online. They don’t want people distributing their content illegally on different platforms. Netflix wants users to view their shows and movies on their platform, then illegally on other platforms, which hurts their business.
Another reason could be to avoid spoilers and make the shows and movies exciting for everyone, which could improve their experience.

How does Netflix block screenshots?

Currently, most OTT platforms, including Netflix, use DRM encoding to protect their copyright content. The applications depend on your device’s graphics card for the protection to work correctly. 
By making tweaks in the graphics permission, you can screenshot any Netflix content without any black screen.

Is It Illegal to Screenshot Netflix Videos?

Netflix doesn’t allow you to take any screenshots; it is even illegal to take them without the permission of Netflix.
It might be safe if you are screenshotting content without any intent to publish it online. But if you intend to pirate the content and post it online, it is illegal, and Netflix might also take action against you.

Can I screenshot the Netflix home page?

You can easily take screenshots of the Netflix home page, settings, or even profile. You only need to use a different method to screenshot Netflix’s content. For the Home page, you can screenshot using your device’s usual way of screenshotting.


Although Netflix restricts users from screenshotting their content to protect their copyright content, there are still alternatives you can use to screenshot Netflix. With this article, you also might be clear about different ways you can screenshot Netflix. But remember that distributing content from Netflix is illegal, and you could be criminally charged for the offence. Don’t screenshot or screenshot to distribute the content. Except for that, you can use our methods to screenshot Netflix.

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