How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram?

We all use the different multiple hashtags on Instagram because they are helpful. They target specific Instagram users, which is why they have a high usage rate and many numbers. The numerous numbers enable you to search for one hashtag at a time. Our article will show you how to search for them.

Steps To Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram Using Google

Hashtags are identifiers that begin with a hash (#) and are attached to stories and posts to increase their visibility or make them searchable. When many individuals use a similar hashtag in a short time, it goes viral on Instagram. 

Using the Instagram app to look for more than one hashtag is impossible. When you explore, you’ll get no results. So, the only way is to use google.

  1. Launch your google app on your android phone or computer.
Launch your google app on your android phone or computer.
  1. On the search bar at the upper section of your screen, input “”
On the search bar at the upper section of your screen,
  1. After “/,” leave a space or two, and type your first hashtag, e.g., “#youtube.” Leave some space, then enter your second hashtag. You can put as much as you need. Tap on the search icon, and a list of hashtags will appear. Each result will come from Posts on public Instagram with descriptions that include all hashtags.

Simply select the Photos tab at the upper section of the search results to display the results as pictures, i.e., if your interest is images. By removing the hash quotes from the hashtags (#), you may broaden your query to include additional terms from biographies and users’ captions.

Simply select the Photos tab at the upper section
  1. You can click on any result, which will lead you to the Instagram page.
You can click on any result, which will lead you to the Instagram page.

Steps To Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram using a third-party platform.

You may search for numerous hashtags on Instagram in a different method. If you cannot do so through the Instagram app, you can utilize a third-party social media tracking platform such as Brand24.

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch the Brand24 Media Tracking application.
  2. Link your Facebook account by selecting “Manage Facebook/Instagram Connection.”
  3. Choose Hashtag Search from the Product list.
  4. Register for a new account by clicking SignUp.
  5. Input a list of Instagram hashtags to explore.
  6. Choose a language and then tap Create Project.
  7. Begin gathering hashtags from Instagram using this tool.
  8. You must link Facebook/Instagram with Brand24  to see results.
  9. Hit the Activate button next to the Instagram symbol.
  10. Return to your project; the program will reveal all posts with a particular hashtag on Instagram.


How can I search for various Instagram tags?

Type your query in the Instagram google search bar. At the top, four tabs appear Top, Tags, Accounts, and Places. To find a tag, type it using or without the hashtag mark (for example, #caroftheday or caroftheday).

Is it possible to search Instagram using several hashtags?

While the Instagram program does not allow different hashtag searches, you may utilize Google. Using the webpage query operator, you may search through public Instagram profiles for any terms, including tags, in a Google inquiry.

Why am I unable to browse tags on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags may become unsearchable if they repeatedly connect with content that violates our community guidelines or Terms of Service. We check such hashtags regularly and may make them visible again if the material linked with specific hashtags evolves with time.

Why can’t I find places on Instagram?

The solution is to allow Instagram in your cellphone’s options. For iOS users: Navigate to Settings, Privacy, Location-based services, and Instagram. Select ‘While Using the App’ under ‘Allow Location Access.’ For Android phones: Navigate to Settings > Security & Location > Advanced > Location. ‘Use Location’ should be enabled.

How can you conduct an advanced Instagram quest?

Launch the Instagram app and navigate the search box to begin an advanced search. Select “Advanced Search” by tapping the three lines in the upper left section. You may filter your results by places, individuals, posts, and hashtags from here. You may also view posts liked or replied to by a specific person or images from a particular time frame.


You now know how to search numerous hashtags on Instagram. What could be holding you back? Begin using trendy hashtags to make your content stand out and engage your audience. You can search numerous hashtags on Instagram with excellent hashtag features.

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