How To Secretly Track An iPhone Without iCloud?

As a responsible parent or guardian, it is important for you to be informed of your child’s whereabouts and location at certain times of the day. Also, if you’ve misplaced your iPhone or it’s been stolen, you need to track and locate your iPhone as soon as possible. Read the post to learn How To Secretly Track An iPhone Without iCloud?

Most times, your iCloud account might not be set up. This would make your iPhone difficult to locate. However, if you have a tracking app installed on your iPhone, it makes your iPhone easier to track. But what if you don’t have a tracking app installed too?

Luckily, some workarounds can help you find your iPhone’s exact location. This guide will explain how to secretly track your iPhone without using your iCloud account.

Methods to Secretly Track an iPhone Without iCloud

Here, we’ll discuss seven workaround methods that can be used to track your iPhone without an iCloud account. So let’s get started!

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a great alternative for tracking an iPhone in the absence of an iCloud account. This app operates by tracking your iPhone’s location with GPS from a second device. 

How To Secretly Track An iPhone Without Icloud
  • To track the lost iPhone,  you must use a different iPhone that has the Find My iPhone app installed. 
  • Next, launch the app and your Apple ID and password. 
  • After logging in, you would see the movements made as your iPhone’s tracked via GPS. The phone would continue to move along the taken route.
  • With this, you can easily track and locate your child or missing iPhone. 

Google Maps History

Another useful method used to track and locate an iPhone is Google Maps. When your Google account is location-enabled and saved in Google Maps, you can sign into your Google account from another device and scan your location history for the most recent location recorded.

How To Secretly Track An iPhone Without Icloud

The most recent time and location are recorded on your Google Maps. Note that this method is most effective when your iPhone still is switched on and connected to the internet. The current time and location won’t be recorded if it’s switched off or its cellular network connection is disconnected.

Dropbox Camera Upload

If you weren’t able to track your iPhone with any of the methods above, it is probably because your iPhone has been switched off or the airplane mode has been enabled. 

With the Dropbox app, you would be able to locate your iPhone even if it’s been switched off. You can locate your iPhone as long as the app is installed on your iPhone.

The Dropbox app can identify who’s with your iPhone. If the person uses your iPhone to take pictures, the app saves the photos to your account. With these photos, you would be able to provide evidence to the authorities to locate the individual that took your iPhone. 

Third-Party Tracking Applications

Multiple tracking applications on the Apple App Store can help track and locate your missing iPhone without an iCloud account.

Examples of these apps are:

  • IHound
  • GPS Tracker
  • KidsGuard Pro

Use of IMEI Number

Another useful method to find an iPhone without your iCloud account is by using your iPhone’s IMEI number. An IMEI number is a specific 15-digit code of your iPhone.

You can use your iPhone’s IMEI code to check and locate your iPhone, in case you misplace it or someone steals it.

If you don’t know your IMEI code, you can see your IMEI code at the back of the package box for your iPhone or by getting it from the iCloud website via

With the iStaunch website, you can track your iPhone with your IMEI code. Once you enter your IMEI code on this website, it’ll track your iPhone immediately. 

Use of Apple Watch

With your Apple Watch, you would be able to track your iPhone in close proximity. Your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected through Wi-fi or Bluetooth. 

  • To locate your iPhone, open your Apple Watch’s home screen. 
  • Swipe upwards on the screen to open the Control Center. 
  • Here, the green text indicates that your iPhone is connected. 
  • Next, tap on the icon, and a ping sound. If your iPhone is close to you, you will be able to locate it. 

Use Another iPhone’s Find My Friends App

With the Find My Friends app, you can locate your iPhone with the help of a friend or family member. On your friend’s iPhone, follow these quick steps below. 

  • Search and launch the Find Friends app on your iPhone.
  • Turn off the Location Services at the bottom corner of the app.
  • Tap on the toggle switch to enable the Share My Location option. 
  • Tap on Done.
  • Tap on Add Friends and select your relative or friend’s contact.
  • Tap on Share Indefinitely as prompted.
  • Notify your added contact to accept your shared location on the Find Friends app.

With this, you would see your iPhones current location on the selected friend’s or relative’s Find My Friends app.

FAQs On Tracking an IPhone

How can I check someone’s location on my iPhone without them knowing?

With your iCloud account, you can locate someone else’s iPhone on the map, remove data and even lock the person’s iPhone.

Can you track an iPhone without the Apple ID?

Yes, you can. Multiple methods are highlighted here that help detect and locate someone secretly.
1. Third-Party Tracking Applications
2. Use of IMEI Number
3. Dropbox Camera Upload
4. Google Maps History
5. Find My iPhone

Can you track someone’s phone with just their number?

Unfortunately, you can’t track someone with only their phone number. Although the cellular network provider can do so, you won’t be able to convince them to help out because they have a strict privacy policy and agreement signed by the individual you want to track. 

Can an iPhone be tracked without iCloud?

Yes. With third-party applications like IHound, GPS Tracker, and KidsGuard Pro, you can track the location of the iPhone without using iCloud.

Can someone track your location from a text?

Yes. You may be tracked with your IP address and cellular network data if you receive a text message with a link to install a hidden app.

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