How To See Blocked Calls On iPhone?

Sometimes you don’t want to take calls from certain people. It could be the person you promised a gift to but have been draining your battery due to you not keeping to the schedule or that spam caller disturbing your phone number. Now you are left with no choice but to block their calls. What if you wish to see blocked contacts, then you need to know How To See Blocked Calls On iPhone?

Guess what? After blocking someone, your iPhone device doesn’t give a damn about who you stopped from calling you. They can’t text or contact you anymore unless you unblock their number.

You will probably want to know if the unwanted calls are still coming in. This must have taken a lot of time to figure out how to see calls from blocked numbers on your iPhone. Like we always do, we’d help you out with this too.

Sadly, there is no way to check if blocked numbers have called you. Since you’ve blocked them from contacting you, their calls won’t go through anymore, and your device will not save information about their efforts. However, you can view all blocked contacts by following these easy steps.

How To View Blocked Contacts On iPhone?

  • Using your iPhone go to Settings and click on Phone.
iphone setting
  • Scroll down and click on blocked contacts.
iphone call setting
  • This popped-up page will have the complete list of your blocked contacts.
blocked contacts

How To See Blocked Messaging Contacts?

You can also see contacts you’ve blocked from messaging you by following these steps.

  • Navigate to settings on your iPhone. Click on messages.
How To See Blocked Calls On iPhone?
  • Click on blocked contacts.
  • You’ll find the list of blocked messaging contacts on this page.

Nevertheless, this should be of interest to you. Whenever you block someone, the person’s calls are directed to your voicemail instead of ringing on your Phone. Suppose the blocked number leaves you a message. In that case, it gets hidden in the voicemail section, but you don’t get a notification about it.

FAQs on iPhone

How To Unblock A Number On An iPhone?

Blocking contacts makes rejecting unwanted calls easier than ignoring them. Sometimes, you might unknowingly accept the rings. In case you’ve buried the hatchet with your annoying ex and want to keep in touch with them again. You can do this by launching settings>click on blocked contacts>click the red icon written unblock beside the contact you wish to unblock. Doing this will let you restore incoming calls from the unblocked contact immediately.

Can I Pair More Than One iPhone To An Apple Watch?

For now, it’s impossible to pair an Apple watch with multiple iPhones. Apple Watch technology can only pair with a single iPhone. The Apple Watch communicates via Bluetooth to specific iPhone apps and, as such, requires a connection with an iPhone to function efficiently. If you want to switch to a different iPhone, you’ll need to synchronize your data and set up the new Apple Watch frequently.

How Do I Sync My Messages To iCloud?

iOS devices give you unlimited convenience in getting your messages. Still, it gets annoying when you delete a message on one ios device but find it on others. Syncing your messages to iCloud will solve this problem and save storage space on your device. To get this synchronizing running, open settings, click on Messages, then turn on messages on iCloud. Once it turns blue, then it’s ready.

What Is The Purpose Of The Night Shift Mode On My iPhone?

iOS updates from iOS 9.3 come with a new option under the display and brightness setting called night shift. This new function enables your iPhone to adjust its screen color based on when it’s night or day. To effectively function, the night shift uses your iOS device’s clock and location to determine whether it’s night or day and adjusts your display accordingly.

Can I Take Screenshots On My Apple Watch?

Of course, you can do so with your Apple watches. Before using this function, you’ll have to activate it in settings. Navigate to settings, click General Screenshots, then switch on Enable Screenshots. After activating this setting, press the digital crown and side button simultaneously whenever you want to take a screenshot.
If you haven’t blocked someone in third-party apps, do know that the person will be able to call or text you. You can also add the preferred contacts you want to block in these apps. 
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