How To See Blocked Messages On An iPhone?

Apple offers one of the most sophisticated smartphones you can find anywhere. The Apple iPhone is smooth on the surface and lasts longer than other smartphone brands. Apple did not just select the very best of hardware; they also looked into providing you with the best software applications. The iPhone messaging app provides a means to keep in touch with friends and family. This iOS messaging app was designed with your privacy at heart. It supports SMS and MMS services. We are here to help you on How To See Blocked Messages On An iPhone?

What is iMessage and How it helps?

iMessage allows you to block unwanted text messages from spammers and those whose texts are no longer salient. Even if they try sending a text to you, this app instantly stops the Message from reaching you.

Maybe you’ve been thinking if the person is still sending messages to you and you have tried all means to see blocked messages on your iPhone, but you couldn’t, and you’ve resorted to seeking help. You made the right choice in reading our article. You’d get all the information you need about seeing blocked messages on an iPhone.

Steps To See Blocked Messages On iPhone?

Blocking someone is a convenient way to prevent unsolicited calls like those from lead marketers, fraudsters, and all kinds of spammers. Sadly, you can’t see blocked messages on your iPhone. When you block contacts from messaging you, the iPhone’s messages app stops all future text messages from coming into your inbox. Nevertheless, you can review this list of people you’ve blocked their text using these steps.

  • Go to Settings.
iphone home
  • Tap Messages.
Iphone setting
  • Under SMS/MMS, tap Blocked Contacts.
How To See Blocked Messages On An iPhone

The list of all contacts you blocked will appear here. If you’ve changed your mind about receiving messages from a contact, you can unblock the person with just a few clicks.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Phone.
How To See Blocked Messages On An iPhone
  • Tap call Blocking And Identification.
How To See Blocked Messages On An iPhone
  • Swipe left on the number you want to unblock and tap Unblock.

It’s easier than you thought, right? After unblocking the person, you’ll be able to get future messages. However, the ones they sent while still in your blocked messaging contacts list will never arrive.

How to See Blocked Texts from Unknown Person on iPhone?

FaceTime users on your blocked messaging list can’t also text you via FaceTime. When you unblock them via the iPhone messaging app, they can now send you a message on FaceTime.

You can also filter people you don’t know on the messaging app. In this way, you can block their text and see them later in filtered messages. With this step, you’ll block texts from an unknown person and see them later:

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Tap the Filter Unknown Sender option to toggle on the feature.
How To See Blocked Messages On An iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions on Iphone

Can I Turn Off Read Receipts In Messages On My iPhone?

The straight answer to this question is yes, you can. Read receipts are one of the features of the iPhone messaging app. It tells someone that you’ve seen their outgoing text. For privacy purposes, you can disable this feature by launching Settings. When it opens, click on Messages, then toggle Send Read Receipts to disable it.

How Do I Forward A Text Message With Images On My iPhone?

Forwarding a text message is faster than composing the same text message for another contact. Whether the content is a text message or an iMessage, they have the same process for forwarding text messages with images. To forward the text, open the messages app and tap Open A Message Thread. After that Long press the Message you want to Forward, and then press More. Confirm the Message you want to forward and tap Forward. Enter the Recipient’s Contact Info and tap Send.

How Do I Add A Subject Line To A Text Message On My iPhone?

The subject line helps the receiver become familiar with the content of the Message before reading the Message. The iPhone messaging app has this feature built-in. This feature is usually turned off on iPhones and can only be enabled via settings. To turn on the subject line feature, go to Settings, tap Messages, and toggle Show Subject Field to switch it on. Type in the subject line above the text message space when sending a new message.

How Do I Add A Person To Apple Family Sharing?

Apple family sharing allows family members to share purchased apps from the app store and iTunes using a single credit card. You can add an extra person to Apple family sharing by going to Settings. Click on iCloud, tap Family, and follow the prompt.

How Do I Automatically Download The App To All My Apple Devices?

To automatically download apps on your devices, you’d have to go to the app settings on all your devices and turn on automatic download. If it’s off on any device, it won’t update on that device.

With this guide, you’ve learned you can’t see blocked messages on the iPhone. You can filter your incoming messages to see blocked text messages instead of blocking a contact. If you have more questions or suggestions, drop a comment in the comment box, and we’ll attend to them in our next article.

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