How to See Dp on WhatsApp if Blocked?

WhatsApp has established itself as one of the best networking platforms in the world. The multiple features it offers its users has made it to be used by many people making it one of the most widely used platform worldwide. Did you know you can block someone if you no longer want to associate with him? Also, if someone blocks you and you want to see his profile and such updates, read through this guide to discover How to See Dp on WhatsApp if Blocked.

Two Ways to See Dp on WhatsApp if Blocked

>>Method 1 : Create a New WhatsApp

When you create a new WhatsApp, you can see someone’s DP even if he has blocked you. However, you must have another registered number that is not having a WhatsApp account. After ensuring you have a new number, follow the steps below:

  1. Download another WhatsApp application.
Download another WhatsApp application

2. Create another WhatsApp account by entering a new number.

Create another WhatsApp account

3. Please navigate to the home screen for WhatsApp and search for the number you want to see its Dp. 

navigate to the home screen for WhatsApp

You will notice that the Dp and other details like last seen can now be seen. If you cannot see the Dp after using a new number, that person may have enabled his privacy settings barring you from seeing the Dp.

Alternative to Method 1

If the above method does not work or you have no new number to create another WhatsApp account, you can try the following steps:

  1. Delete your current WhatsApp account.
  2. Wait 1-2 hours and create another account with the same number.
  3. Navigate to the messages, and check for the Dp. 

The above tricks have worked for some people, and it would be better to try them. If still none works, proceed to the method below.

Method2 : Use Your Friend’s Phone

If none of the steps explained above works for you, it might be because the owner has set the privacy settings on or he has deleted your contact. For this method, you will need your friend’s phone, then follow the steps explained below:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application of your friend.
  2. Navigate to the messages screen
  3. Please search for the person you wish to see his profile picture. 

If the profile is set to public, you can see the Dp. Note this method only works if the person you want to see his profile picture is saved on your friend’s phone. Otherwise, the person may have removed his profile picture, meaning you are not blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I See Someone’s Dp If He Has Blocked Me?

No. When a person blocks you, his profile picture disappears, and any details regarding that person will be hidden, including his last seen. If you want to see the profile picture while blocked, you need to use a different WhatsApp account or delete yours, and after a few hours, create a WhatsApp account and check the profile. Moreover, having a mutual friend will save you the hustle of finding a new number and WhatsApp account.

Why Am I Not Seeing Someone’s Dp on WhatsApp?

There are a few reasons why the profile picture of someone turns blank. The profile picture will be blank if that person deletes your contact number. If a person fails to save your number or turns privacy settings on, the profile picture will not be shown to the public. It does not mean that person has blocked you. Maybe the profile picture was removed by the owner.

How Do I Tell If Someone Has Blocked Me on WhatsApp?

To know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you need to send a message to them. If the message is not delivered, it means the person has blocked you. When you see a double grey tick, you know the message was delivered, but a single grey tick means the message was sent but not delivered. 

Why Am I Blocked on WhatsApp?

If a person blocks you on WhatsApp, they don’t want you to see their updates. Probably you made the other person angry, and he doesn’t want you to keep a tab on his posts o WhatsApp and other updates. You can talk to someone who has been blocked to find out why you are blocked.

What Will Happen If I Unblock Someone on WhatsApp?

If you have blocked someone for a long time and unblock him, he will notice a few changes regarding your last seen profile picture. If the other person texts you or calls you, the message will be delivered, and you will know if they have read it. Moreover, if your profile is public, the other person will see it every time you update.


WhatsApp is a famous application, and its remarkable features have made it one of the most widely used applications in the world. If you don’t want to associate with a person any longer, you can use WhatsApp to block the person and prevent them from seeing any of your updates or profile picture. Moreover, if someone has blocked you and you want to see their Dp, read this post to learn simple tricks.

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